NeDNR Creates Free Website to Connect Pasture Owners with Livestock Producers

The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources (NeDNR) has just released a website entitled Nebraska Grazing Exchange. This website is designed to connect pasture owners with livestock producers, easing the workload of both parties in finding this mutually beneficial connection. 

The website works by having users create an account and fill out information about what they have available. This information is then listed on an interactive map for other users to see. All information on the website is voluntary, and it is solely for the benefit of the users. If you have any difficulties using the website, they have a direct line available to call for assistance under “contact us”. 

This idea is not new, and has been used effectively in many states including North Dakota, South Dakota, and even Minnesota. It is growing across the nation as more states continue to adopt the premise. Each state that has implemented the idea has used the same platform, and they are all connected to each other, which means that a user of Nebraska Grazing Exchange will be able to see offerings in other states as well. This will increase the benefit for users along the border of the state, and there are already both cattle herd pins and pasture pins along the southern border of South Dakota. 

This is just another resource attempting to relax the workload of ranchers in Nebraska. As more landowners and ranchers begin to use this program, the benefit of the website will continue to increase, and users will be able to easily find good arrangements. 

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Kole Pederson, Director of Environmental & Regulatory Affairs, at

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