Inside Profitability Series

Drought & Crop Insurance: What to Know

Temperatures have begun to push 100 degrees in many parts of Nebraska. The latest drought monitor shows 94 percent of the state under some form of drought, with 45 percent of the state categorized as severe, extreme, or exceptional drought. The latest National Weather Service long-term forecast calls for a hot and dry summer. All these signs point to the persistence of drought this summer. Drought raises many questions for producers with crop insurance. Must producers continue to maintain the crops if its suffering from drought? When do claims need to be filed? Can irrigation water be diverted? What if the drought persists into the fall when planting wheat? 

These questions and more will be the focus Nebraska Farm Bureau’s next Inside Profitability Series webinar scheduled June 22 at 6:30 p.m. Featuring Zach Hyland, a regional crop consultant with Farm Bureau Financial Services, the webinar will highlight what farmers should do under their crop insurance policies if their crops are damaged by drought. Zach will discuss options farmers have under crop insurance if crops suffer from drought and what producers should do if they want to cut a portion of the crop for silage or divert water from one crop to adequately water another crop. Zach will also touch on Pasture, Range, and Forage Coverage and how drought impacts Livestock Risk Protection (LRP) . Click here to view the webinar.

The webinar is the third in the Inside Profitability Series on managing the farm or ranch during a drought. The first webinar focused on grain marketing while the second centered on water management. Both can be viewed here.

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