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Statement by Steve Nelson, President, Regarding USMCA Trade Deal Commencing

LINCOLN, NEB. – “International trade is critical to Nebraska farm and ranch families as the value of Nebraska agricultural exports equates to roughly 30 percent of Nebraska’s total agriculture receipts. The United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) going into effect is a critical long-term step in securing relations with two of our key trade partners.”

“The deal ensures continued access to Mexico, which is the number one purchaser of U.S. corn and the third largest purchaser of U.S. soybeans. Wheat growers also gain as USMCA requires Canada to eliminate its discriminatory wheat grading system. Our state’s beef and pork producers will continue to maintain access to these markets, which is particularly important to pork producers as Mexico and Canada are two of the largest consumers of U.S. pork. In addition, USMCA is a win for our dairy producers as Mexico is the largest export market for U.S. dairy products. USMCA expands on that relationship and makes reforms to Canada’s trade-distorting dairy pricing policies.”

“It’s important to note that USMCA makes progress in several other key areas including recognizing biotechnology with provisions to support innovation and reduce trade-distorting policies. USMCA also strengthens disciplines for science-based measures that protect human, animal, and plant health while improving the flow of trade.”


Mexico and Canada are major buyers of Nebraska’s agriculture commodities collectively purchasing:

82% of Nebraska’s distillers grains exports

80% of Nebraska’s dairy product exports

69% of Nebraska’s prepared and processed food exports

30% of Nebraska’s corn exports

29% of Nebraska’s ethanol exports

21% of Nebraska’s total agricultural products exports

17% of Nebraska’s beef exports

16% of Nebraska’s pork exports

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