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Aksarben Announces the 2019 Aksarben Farm Family Award Recipients for 100 or 150 Years of Consecutive Farm Ownership Within One Family

Omaha, Neb. (June 28, 2019) – In a fast-paced world with up to the minute news and technological advances making your cell phone obsolete upon purchase, it’s hard to imagine owning anything longer than nine-months to a year. Each year, Aksarben pays homage to the dedicated and hard-working Nebraskan families who have done just that. These families have each met the incredible milestone of owning at least forty-acres of farmland within one family for one-hundred or one-hundred and fifty years, respectively. To put that into perspective, Nebraska has only existed as a state for one-hundred and fifty-two years.

The Aksarben Foundation, along with Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Nebraska Association of Fair Managers, announces this year’s 142 honorees for the Aksarben Pioneer Farm (100 years) and Aksarben Heritage Farm Awards (150 years).

Aksarben began awarding the Pioneer Award in 1956, and since that time, nearly 10,000 farm families have received the award statewide. The Heritage Award was established in 2014, has been awarded to nearly 75 farm families.

“Aksarben is proud to recognize these Nebraska farm families each year. The dedication and perseverance demonstrated by these families is a testament to the strong Nebraska values that set our state apart and have been making Aksarben proud, for over 120 years,” said Sandra Reding, Aksarben Foundation President.

Partnering with Aksarben in sponsoring these awards each year, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson has said, “Nebraska Farm Bureau is proud to help sponsor these farm family awards. Nebraska Farm Bureau’s heritage and continuous mission is to serve Nebraska farm and ranch families, and these awards recognize the commitment to preserve and build Nebraska agriculture for future generations.”

To commemorate this milestone, each of these families will receive an engraved plaque and gatepost marker at the county fair in the county where their farm is located.

Honoring 150 years – the 2019 Aksarben Heritage Farm Families are:

  1. Boone County
    1. 2R Farms/Amsel Maricle Rosenbaum (original owner: Harvey Maricle) Farm Est. 1868
  2. Burt County
    1. Janet Malone Trust (original owner: Robert Tranmer) Farm Est. 1868
  3. Cass County
    1. Duane and Eileen Murdoch (original owner: John and Sarah Murdoch) Farm Est. 1859
    2. Phyllis Buell and Mark and Sondra Buell (original owner: George Elijah Buell) Farm Est. 1869
    3. Phyllis Buell, Mark and Sondra Buell, Carolyn and Brian Geschke (original owner: Sylvanus Woodard) Farm Est. 1869
  4. Cedar County
    1. Gary and Susan Wieseler (original owner: Franz and Wilheimina Wieseler) Farm Est. 1861
  5. Dixon County
    1. Kent E. Paul and Kathy J. Brooks (original owner: James and Margaret Paul) Farm Est. 1867
  6. Dodge County
    1. Curtis and Laurie Helgenberger (original owner: Ferdinand Helgenberger) Farm Est. 1868
    2. Don and Becky Von Seggern (original owner: Arend H. Von Seggern) Farm Est. 1869
    3. Mary Becker (original owner: Frederick George Becker) Farm Est. 1868
  7. Hall County
    1. Bryce E. and Carolyn K. Ewoldt (original owner: Cay Ewoldt) Farm Est. 1868
  8. Lancaster County
    1. Peggy Brown (original owner: Charles Wesley Gillham) Farm Est. 1869
    2. Don and Margaret Mitchell (original owner H.F. Mitchell) Farm Est. 1869
    3. Wayne S. Nelson (original owner: William Nelson) Farm Est. 1869
    4. Lynda L. Parde and Rick D. Rohrs (original owner: Johann Henrich Dietz/Fredricha Dietz) Farm Est. 1868
    5. Suzanna K. Prophet and Robert Te Selle (original owner: Johann Henrich Dietz/Fredricha Dietz) Farm Est. 1868
  9. Nemaha County
    1. Charles Cleveland, Jr. and Beverly Ann Coatney (original owner: John H. Coatney) Farm Est. 1867
    2. Keith Volker (original owner: Christian Volker) Farm Est. 1864
  10. Otoe County
    1. Dennis Wendeln (original owner: Matthias Wendeln) Farm Est. 1869
  11. Pawnee County
    1. GWB LLC/Glenn R. Bolling (original owner: Henry and Louise Beethe) Farm Est. 1868
    2. Lucille I. Schaardt and the late Elmo W. Schaardt (original owner: Henry and Louise Beethe) Farm Est. 1868
    3. Rinne Farm LLC/Vernon and Ann Rinne (original owner: Henry and Engel Rinne) Farm Est. 1868
  12. Richardson County
    1. Richard Von Bergen (original owner: Michael and Katie Von Bergen) Farm Est. 1869
    2. Paul Jerry and DeLauris Fankhauser (original owner: Merritt Wells) Farm Est. 1860
    3. James M. and Jeanne M. Standerford (original owner: J.J. Purcell) Farm Est. 1861
    4. R. Jeffrey Von Bergen (original owner: Melchior Von Bergen) Farm Est. 1869
    5. Jerry P. and DeLauris Fankhauser (original owner: Frederick Fankhauser) Farm Est. 1862
  13. Saline County
    1. Mark D. and Susan R. Kemper (original owner: Henry and Ida Kemper) Farm Est. 1869

Pioneer Awards honoring 100 years

  1. Adams County
    1. Sheila Ann Zalman (original owner: Reiner F. Reiners) Farm Est. 1918
  2. Antelope County
    1. Douglas and Elaine Reynolds (original owner: James F. Swan) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Randy and Juel Hughes (original owner: Frank G. and Jennie C. Woodard) Farm Est. 1904
    3. Korene A. Erickson Fehringer, Bernadine L. Erickson Trust (original owner: John Erickson) Farm Est. 1899
    4. Mark and Brenda Schrage (original owner: Steven and Philomena Schrage) Farm Est. 1919
  3. Banner County
    1. Terry P. Brown (original owner: David Victor Brown) Farm Est. 1917
    2. Harry Safford, Jr. and Marie Safford (original owner: Harry H. Safford, Sr.) Farm Est. 1919
  4. Boyd County
    1. Patrick Holmberg, Darlene Krafka, Patricia Durre, Michele Tunender, and Cathy Holmberg (original owner: Jacob Wittry) Farm Est. 1918
    2. Bud and Vera Johnson Trust (original owner: Albert B. Johnson) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Edward John Connot (original owner: John Connot) Farm Est. 1919
  5. Brown County
    1. Brett and Blair Fernau (original owner: John Hollopeter) Farm Est. 1899
  6. Buffalo County
    1. Mickelsen Family Farms LLC (original owner: James Mickelsen) Farm Est. 1902
    2. Jerome Eckhout (original owner: George Nickman) Farm Est. 1906
    3. Jerome Eckhout (original owner: Joseph Nickman) Farm Est. 1891
    4. Bissell Farms LLC/Roger Bissel (original owner: Glenn C. and Bertha Stafford) Farm Est. 1919
    5. Wedemeyer Farms Inc./Dennis L. Wedemeyer (original owner: Diedrich Wedemeyer) Farm Est. 1898
    6. Ronald D. Bauer (original owner: Andrew E. Lee) Farm Est. 1919
  7. Burt County
    1. Jerry and Elaine (Geisler) Holmberg (original owner: George and Ida (Langewisch) Geisler) Farm Est. 1908
  8. Butler County
    1. Robert, David and Aaron Steager (original owner: John Matejcek) Farm Est. 1919
  9. Cedar County
    1. Joe and Linda Hochstein (original owner: Bernard and Anna Wubben) Farm Est. 1898
  10. Cheyenne County
    1. Ronald Waite (original owner: Neal Tank) Farm Est. 1915
  11. Clay County
    1. Josh and Teryl Andersen (original owner: Robert and Anna Walker) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Robert D. Keasling Revocable Trust (original owner: Albert Rath) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Joyce Schlick, Mike and Ann Schlick, Paul and Patty Britton (original owner: Michael A. and Mary Schlick) Farm Est. 1919
  12. Colfax County
    1. Charlotte Teply (original owner: Joseph Teply) Farm Est. 1889
    2. Ernest B. and Linda Cech (original owner: VacLav Cech and Bohumil J. Cech) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Linda Cech Jensen (original owner: Vaclav J. Cech) Farm Est. 1914
  13. Custer County
    1. Gregory and Carol Fenske (original owner: Nathan Eli and Nora Armstrong) Farm Est. 1910
    2. Conrad G. Pelster, Aleta M. Ambler, Mary Frances Perry, Paula Dorris and Herman Wehling (original owner: John Anton Wehling) Farm Est. 1885
  14. Dakota County
    1. Roger and Nancy Bartels (original owner: Frederick Bartels) Farm Est. 1919
  15. Dawes County
    1. Robert and Judy, William and Ava Hawthorne (original owner: Charles and Ellen White) Farm Est. 1918
  16. Dawson County
    1. Ron Stear LTD (original owner: Wilmer and Mary Stear) Farm Est. 1918
    2. Brooks Valley Farms Inc. (original owner: Henry H. Franzen) Farm Est. 1919
  17. Deuel County
    1. Michael Wiest (original owner: Peter Thomsen) Farm Est. 1917
  18. Dixon County
    1. Robert and Gloria Oberg (original owner: Pete and Hilma Oberg) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Regina and Bruce Luhr (original owner: Oscar Bjorklund) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Marlene Klemish, Paul G. Kneifl, Mrs. Francis Kneifl, Linda Syndow, Bethene Knudsen and Clifford Kneifl (original owner: Philip Kneifl) Farm Est. 1883
  19. Dodge County
    1. Evelyn Jorgensen Trust (original owner: James Robert Jorgensen) Farm Est. 1917
  20. Dundy County
    1. Keiser Land & Cattle Co. (original owner: John Keiser) Farm Est. 1917
  21. Fillmore County
    1. Mark and Teina Kimbrough, Rick and Cindy Krushenisky, Joseph and Sarah Caldwell and Stuart and Carrie Remmers (original owner: Harm Everts) Farm Est. 1905
    2. Richard Walters and Michael Walters (original owner: John and Mary Marson) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Gene E. and Dixie Ruthann Placek (original owner: John and Katerina Placek) Farm Est. 1877
    4. Kenneth and Delores Bolte (original owner: Fred Bolte) Farm Est. 1918
  22. Frontier County
    1. Leroy and Erika Flock (original owner: Merton E. and Clara J. Flock) Farm Est. 1917
    2. Jerry D. and Teresa M. Johnson (original owner: Emil F.H. Johnson) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Stuart and Jill Bartruff (original owner: Gottlob W. and Engel C. Bartruff) Farm Est. 1919
  23. Furnas County
    1. Martha Anderson (original owner: Gertrude M. Mayer/Katherine Lauby) Farm Est. 1919
  24. Gage County
    1. DeVern Hagemeier (original owner: Fred and Anna Hagemeier) Farm Est. 1917
    2. Billy and Janet Harms (original owner: White Harms) Farm Est. 1881
    3. Steve and Angela Janssen (original owner: Gerhard Wilhem Janssen) Farm Est. 1919
    4. Phyllis (Ehmen) Deunk, Rosalyn (Ehmen), Robert Ehmen, and Randy Deunk (original owner: Henry William Ehmen) Farm Est. 1895
  25. Garfield County
    1. Dennis and Patricia Urbanovsky (original owner: John Urbanovsky) Farm Est. 1919
  26. Gosper County
    1. William J. and Martha L. Anderson (original owner: William L. Anderson) Farm Est. 1918
    2. Alfred and Detta Holscher (original owner: August F. Schwarz) Farm Est. 1918
  27. Greeley County
    1. Francis H. and Theresa Berger (original owner: Vincent Berger) Farm Est. 1918
    2. Richard J. Maginn Trust (original owner: Nicholas C. Maginn) Farm Est. 1919
    3. James E. Murphy Trust (original owner: James Russell) Farm Est. 1919
  28. Hall County
    1. Kirk J. Thompson and Susan Thompson (original owner: Frederick Harker) Farm Est. 1885
  29. Harlan County
    1. Suzan Hisel and Barbara Lilyhorn (original owner: Antoine Delimont) Farm Est. 1896
    2. Brent and Ramona Coffey (original owner: Samuel Jay Coffey) Farm Est. 1918
  30. Holt County
    1. A. Patrick and Nadine Dougherty (original owner: John Dougherty) Farm Est. 1898
  31. Howard County
    1. Lyle and Loraine Thomsen (original owner: Andrew Anderson) Farm Est. 1904
    2. Edwin L. Kolar, Jr. (original owner: Fabian Kolar) Farm Est. 1906
  32. Jefferson County
    1. Henry L. and Janice K. Gunther (original owner: Dittmar and Marie Hohbein) Farm Est. 1917
    2. Roselyn A. Shaffer (original owner: Omer Burd) Farm Est. 1918
    3. Marvin and Ardys Schultis (original owner: Mary Dever) Farm Est. 1904
  33. Kearney County
    1. Harry and Sherry Reichstein (original owner: John F. Kuehn) Farm Est. 1919
  34. Kimball County
    1. Howard Lukassen Children (original owner: Theodore Lukassen) Farm Est. 1919
  35. Knox County
    1. Barbara Johnson Strom (original owner: Lars and Signe Johnson) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Zelma L. and Clayton Anderson (original owner: Oscar W. Anderson) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Ron and Penny Walton, and Jan and Don Vrbicky (original owner: John Jerman) Farm Est. 1918
  36. Lancaster County
    1. Dann and Kathy Reiss (original owner: Reinold Reiss) Farm Est. 1885
  37. Lincoln County
    1. Leona Martens (original owner: Henry G. Martens) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Feeney Farms Inc. (original owner: James T. Feeney) Farm Est. 1906
    3. Dale Wahlgren and Jeff Huffman (original owner: Adolf and Victoria Lindberg) Farm Est. 1916
  38. Madison County
    1. Melvin and Dorothy Unkel (original owner: John and Pauline Unkel) Farm Est. 1919
  39. Merrick County
    1. D. Warren and Marjorie Lambert (original owner: Mark V. Lambert) Farm Est. 1907
    2. LeRoy Edward Zehr (original owner: Benjamin Edward Snodgrass) Farm Est. 1919
  40. Morrill County
    1. Hansen Brothers (original owners: Peter J. Hansen) Farm Est. 1919
  41. Nemaha County
    1. Dan and Judy Lundy (original owner: Cathern and Warren Whitten) Farm Est. 1909
    2. Daniel and Ardis Gauchat (original owner: Chas. Leonard Gauchat) Farm Est. 1892
    3. Harold O. Fass, Harley F. Fass, Rosalie S. Hitzeman, Arlen R. Fass, and Maryls J. Fass (original owner: Herman Rademacher) Farm Est. 1908
    4. G.G.G. Farms, Inc./Glade Goings (original owner: LeRoy Erisman) Farm Est. 1919
  42. Otoe County
    1. William L. Bottcher (original owner: George K. Bottcher) Farm Est. 1918
  43. Pawnee County
    1. William Petrashek (original owner: John and Mary Petrashek) Farm Est. 1911
    2. Jim Chittick (original owner: James Chittick) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Douglas E. and Kellie A. Workman (original owner: David E. Workman) Farm Est. 1913
  44. Platte County
    1. Rick and Lorie Larson (original owner: John W. Larson) Farm Est. 1919
  45. Red Willow County
    1. Robert and Janet Phillips (original owner: Clara Phillips) Farm Est. 1913
  46. Richardson County
    1. Ruth Vollmer Schwasinger and Kathryn Vollmer (original owner: Herman and Christina Vollmer) Farm Est. 1919
  47. Saline County
    1. Kenneth Moneypenny (original owner: Thomas A. Moneypenny) Farm Est. 1907
    2. Larry and Diane Jansky (original owner: Vaclav Simacek) Farm Est. 1915
  48. Sarpy County
    1. Craig and Shari Parys (original owner: Halvar and Hilda Westre) Farm Est. 1911
  49. Saunders County
    1. Deborah L. Princ Machovec (original owner: Anton J. Princ) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Bernard and Emily Sladky (original owner: Jakub and Karolina Sladky) Farm Est. 1916
    3. Marvin Brainard (original owner: Frederick Baltz) Farm Est. 1881
  50. Scottsbluff County
    1. Robert E. and Nancy Plummer (original owner: Denver Newton Plummer) Farm Est. 1916
  51. Seward County
    1. James and Linda Trouba (original owner: Frank and Mary Trouba) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Gerald Fickel Family (original owner: Otto Tonniges) Farm Est. 1917
    3. Marvin and Marilyn Schulz (original owner: Ferdinand Schulz) Farm Est. 1917
    4. Larry and Sue Dedic (original owner: Vaclav and Mary Dedic) Farm Est. 1903
    5. Donald L. and Patricia Jirsa (original owner: Frank Jirsa) Farm Est. 1919
  52. Sheridan County
    1. Shelly Piper, Mardell Piper and Shirley Douthit (original owner: William A. Krueger) Farm Est. 1919
    2. Larry and Deborah Galyen (original owner: Fred Kutschara) Farm Est. 1919
  53. Sherman County
    1. Michael and Susan Jarzynka (original owner: John Jarzynka) Farm Est. 1919
  54. Thayer County
    1. Juliana Bruning Johnson (original owner: Herb and Lila Bruning) Farm Est. 1882
    2. Doug and Janice Fintel (original owner: Anton H. Edzards) Farm Est. 1918
  55. Washington County
    1. Donald C. Andersen and Mardell M. Andersen Trust (original owner: Christoffer/Sine Andersen, Henry/Henriette Linden) Farm Est. 1870
  56. Wayne County
    1. Brian Kai (original owner: Detlef Kai) Farm Est. 1911
  57. Webster County
    1. Dennis and Kelly Erickson (original owner: Otto Skjelver) Farm Est. 1892
    2. Darlene Pavelka (original owner: Amanda Kershner) Farm Est. 1919
    3. Donna R. Rose (original owner: John C. Rose) Farm Est. 1919
  58. York County
    1. Vera Underwood Rauscher (original owner: Elijah J. Underwood) Farm Est. 1916
    2. Alden and LaVerna Qwiring (original owner: Dietrich G. and Maria Janzen) Farm Est. 1919

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