Economic Tidbits

“Really” Fresh Food Delivery

The market for food-delivery apps is growing rapidly with many different services vying for consumers food delivery dollar and the growth isn’t just in the U.S. Several food-delivery apps can be found worldwide. For example, several small food-delivery startups have sprung up in Africa.

According to The Economist magazine, food-delivery apps in Africa are going beyond delivering food prepared in restaurants. Deliveries of staples like coal, fuel, fruits and vegetables are also being made. One service will even deliver live animals. The service delivers animals “such as chickens ($7 for a big clucker, $5 for a middling one), pigs ($124 and $132) or goats ($82 and $64).” The delivery service partners with another company who “employs an army of runners who track down the best produce. They buy the goat, say, take it to a driver and, before too long, the animal is on its way to a party (where it will be slaughtered amid great jollity).” New mobile phone-based technologies have sparked the creation of many innovative products and services. Add the delivery of live animals to the list. The gig economy: goats to go, The Economist, December 8th, 2018.

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