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Resiliency After the Storm: Moving Forward After Crop Devastation 

Across Nebraska, farmers have felt the wrath of unpredictable weather on their crops this season. From straight line winds to inches of hail, many farmers are left with fields of dirt where crops should be. Nebraska Farm Bureau outlines what farmers and ranchers should be thinking about and assistance programs available as they make some tough decisions after a storm. 

Does an Emoji Equate to a Grain Contract Signature?  

Early this month, a Canadian judge ruled that a farmer must follow through on a $82,000 contract for flax which was confirmed via a text message stream answered by a thumbs-up emoji.  

Policy Watch… 

This week’s Policy Watch included highlights from the recent American Farm Bureau Federation Council of Presidents meeting in Washington, D.C., details on the Brand Committee executive director’s announcement to resign, and the coalition of 20 groups representing agricultural, environmental, forestry, wildlife, nutrition and hunger advocates to urge passage of the 2023 farm bill this year. 

“Hopeful Forecasting”: Farmers Showing Increased Interest in Mental Health Resources 

Like in the 1980s, today’s farmers are dealing with increased stress, risk of suicide, and other mental health concerns. However, experts who work with farmers are seeing increased interest in mental health programming and decreased stigma around mental health. 

Apply for a Teacher Retention Award 

Applications for the Dr. Allen G. and Kay L. Blezek Teacher Retention Award are due August 1. The Teacher Retention Award is available to support the continuation and growth of vibrant Agricultural Education and FFA programs in Nebraska. Current Nebraska Agricultural Education teachers who are entering their first through fifth year of teaching are encouraged to apply. 

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