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AFLAC becomes new member benefit partner

Accidents can happen anytime, and Nebraska Farm Bureau wants to offer members piece of mind when it comes to unexpected accidents or health concerns.

Aflac is a new member benefit partner with Nebraska Farm Bureau! Aflac plans offer Nebraska Farm Bureau members three types of coverage: cancer, accident, and critical care plans. These three plans will have the largest impact on our members and their ability to care for themselves, family members, and businesses when the unexpected happens.

“We are so excited to welcome Aflac into our Nebraska Farm Bureau member benefit family. We look forward to our members having added protection from unexpected medical bills, and other expenses your medical plans may not cover. All this from a trustworthy and recognizable company,” said Lisa Klutz, director of member benefits, Nebraska Farm Bureau.

“We are happy to partner with Nebraska Farm Bureau to offer three great plans for members across the state,” said Brian Arends, benefits advisor for Aflac.

“A common feature of each plan is the financial benefits are paid directly to Nebraska Farm Bureau members. The money can be used to cover your critical expenses – from medical bills to groceries. Coverage in each plan can be selected for an individual or for the entire family,” Arends said.

Details of the three plans include:

  • The Accident plan, which does not require a deductible or co-payment. Aflac pays you your benefits regardless of benefits from any other plan. From lacerations to a broken tooth to rehabilitation, there are multiple benefits included in this plan. As an example, the plan can pay $250 per day for 365 days (per covered person) if you are admitted to the hospital. Even more if you are in intensive care. Included in the plan is an accidental death benefit of up to $100,000 with coverage for your spouse and children, depending on the plan you select.
  • The Cancer plan, which has been updated to provide benefits to reflect the new technologies used in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers. From stem cell and bone marrow transplants to the traditional radiation therapy, the policy offers financial benefits to help with the many expenses associated with cancer care. One of the most important benefits is the cancer plan provides benefits for your dependent children at no additional cost.
  • Finally, The Aflac Critical Care plan helps to cover the expenses associated with 10 critical health diagnosis including stroke, heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest, and coronary by-pass grafts. So, Aflac designed this plan to help cover the expenses your medical plan may not. Benefits of this plan can include $300 per day for hospital confinement with no lifetime cap on this benefit. As with the other Aflac plans, there is no deductible or co-pay and you choose your medical provider. Since the benefits are paid to you, there is not a concern about “out of network” expenses.

Healthcare data shows that every 34 seconds someone in America has a heart attack and every 40 seconds, someone is experiencing a stroke. “Aflac is a wonderful option for all members to consider. Open enrollment begins Aug. 1. Watch for more information in the coming weeks about how Aflac can help you,” Klutz said.

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