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100 Questions and 3,000 Answers

President Reagan was quoted as saying that if the game Trivial Pursuit were designed by economists, the game would have 100 questions and 3,000 answers. President Reagan’s quip is the title of a Tidbits feature called…”100 Questions and 3,000 Answers.” This feature highlights a question or comment from a reader along with a response. Send questions or comments to

Question: What is the number of schools not getting TEEOSA aid verses the number of schools that are getting TEEOSA state aid?

Response: This question came in response to last week’s story on the amount of state aid to be distributed to schools in school year 2021-22. Tax Equity and Educational Opportunities Support Act (TEEOSA) aid includes equalization aid, allocated income tax rebate, option funding, and other forms of aid. Because the allocated income tax rebate returns a portion of the state income taxes collected within a school district to the district, all schools receive at least some TEEOSA aid.

The question, though, is most likely referencing equalization aid, the largest portion of TEEOSA aid. Equalization aid will equal $869 million next year and comprise about 83 percent of total aid distributed. Not all schools receive equalization aid. If a district’s resources exceed its needs, it does not receive equalization aid. Next year, 87 districts out of 244 will receive equalization aid, meaning 157 districts will not receive equalization aid. Among the 87 districts receiving equalization aid, amounts distributed will range from $40,500 to $253 million.

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