Give us 5 for tax reform JF idea 4 advoacy color

Give Us 5 for Tax Reform

Give us 5 for tax reform JF idea 4 advoacy color

Help Us, Help You!

Share 5 Contacts, Grow Support for Tax Reform!

There’s been a significant shift in how we fund Nebraska government and education. Instead of a balanced tax system, property taxes now account for 48 percent of the total sales, income, and property tax collections in the state. The result is Nebraskans now pay the 7th highest property tax rate in the nation!

Reforms won’t happen by accident. Change will occur only if Nebraskans make their voice heard. To build our base of support for reform we need to reach like-minded Nebraskans who want lower property taxes and better tax policy.

Please fill out this form with the names and contact information for 5 others that you know share your belief that tax reform is needed! Working together we can build a better Nebraska!

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