Policy Development Guides Available Online 

Having good information is critical in evaluating agriculture policy issues. There’s always more to the story and digging into the issues is important. Our policy development guides are meant to be a resource for members looking for background information on higher profile agriculture issues to help them make informed recommendations as part of Farm Bureau’s policy development process. 

Agriculture and Main Street Collide at Governor’s Ag and Economic Summit 

Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) participated in Governor Pillen’s Agriculture and Economic Summit held in Kearney, August 9. As the state’s premier economic development forum, the summit convened economic developers with leaders in agricultural sectors from across the state to discuss how to grow Nebraska through growth to its largest economic driver, agriculture. 

The summit focused on how to spur growth in agriculture and strengthen partnerships across industries. Session topics included growing the state’s workforce, attracting investment in biomanufacturing, tapping demand for Nebraska’s agricultural commodities, expanding livestock development, and helping communities find creative housing solutions. Value-added agriculture was also a main discussion point for several panels during the event. This year’s event included a focus on Nebraska’s highway, water, and broadband infrastructures and their importance to the state’s long-term prosperity. The Nebraska Department of Natural Resources led panel discussions on the potential of artificial intelligence and data management tools to benefit agricultural operations through greater water use efficiency, reduced energy costs, and optimal chemical use for water treatment. 

In addition to speaking on a panel focused on how technological advantages have improved the quality and quantity of agricultural products, NEFB President Mark McHargue attended a round table discussion with Gov. Pillen and other agriculture stakeholder to discuss the most pressing issues facing farm and ranch families. Learning about the impact that current and future legislative initiatives could have on agriculture was an important topic as the NEFB Public Policy Team gears up for policy development season and prepares for the next legislative session. 

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