Inside Profitability Series

Ecosystem Credits: An Alternative Source Of Revenue?

Moderator: Jordan Dux, director of national affairs, Nebraska Farm Bureau


Shelby Myers, economist, American Farm Bureau
Nathan Thompson: agriculture economics profressor, Purdue University
Lukas Frike, farmer, Butler County

What does this heightened role for agriculture in addressing climate change mean for producers?

Agriculture ecosystem credit markets, like carbon credit markets, have been described as the “Wild West.” Right now, anything goes. Farmers are being besieged by several entities seeking their participation in credit programs. Private companies, start-ups, even Congress and the USDA are including agriculture in their sustainability initiatives. For producers, credit markets and their opportunities can be a confusing and uncertain fog.

Speakers on the webinar will:
• Explain the basics of ecosystem credit markets, what’s driving them, and how they work;
• Share survey information on what farmers are thinking regarding carbon credits;
• Identify issues producers should consider when thinking about entering a program; and
• Share first-hand experiences with ecosystem credit markets.

Listed below are several links to additional materials on ecosystem credits:

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