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Nebraska Farm Bureau to participate in governor’s property valuations group

Following historic legislative successes in reducing the property tax burden on our agricultural producers, Nebraska Farm Bureau is pleased to be a part of Gov. Jim Pillen’s push to keep property tax reform a priority. Pillen announced the formation of a working group whose goal is to address the issues surrounding property valuations.
Addressing valuations could result in the much-needed property tax reform that our farmers and ranchers

When looking at how important the governor’s prioritization of valuation reform is, the difference between relief and reform should be addressed. In the last three years, wins in the Legislature, heavily supported by Nebraska Farm Bureau, are leading to a 30% reduction in producers’ property tax burden through tax credits and increased education funding. However, actual property taxes continue to grow because of the increase in valuations.

True reform of our property tax system requires a fix to how property is valued. The makeup of organizations that are at the table in the governor’s working group tells us that this effort is a true push to reform the way rural Nebraskans are taxed on their property.

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