Truth in Taxation Postcards Hit Mailboxes

Nebraskans have been asking for truth and transparency about how their property taxes are set. A new law provides taxpayers a well-defined time and place to let their elected officials know how they feel about plans to raise their property taxes.

With the passage of Sen. Ben Hansen’s bill (LB 644), cities, counties, school boards, and community colleges are required to engage directly with taxpayers when they decide to increase property taxes by two percent (2%) or more on existing property.

Below is a photo of a postcard you could receive from your county.

Nebraska Farm Bureau has gathered information to answer questions you may have about this new law.

Rail Strike Averted by Tentative Agreement

Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue commented this week on the tentative agreement reached to avoid a rail strike:

“Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers are breathing easier today following the announcement of a tentative agreement between our nation’s major rail companies and their unions. This news averts a rail strike which would have crippled our economy and further damaged our already fragile supply chains. The agreement also comes as we begin the harvest season; a critical time for Nebraska farmers and the companies who ultimately purchase the commodities we produce. Access to a high-quality rail system is vital to Nebraska agriculture in order to get necessary supplies in and to move agricultural commodities and food products out. We are glad a deal was struck to avoid a costly disruption to Nebraska’s economy.”

Support NEFB Endorsed Candidates with a Yard Sign

The General Election is quickly approaching, and many will be filling out their ballot as early as October 11. One of the best and easiest ways Farm Bureau members can do to help our endorsed candidates get elected is to identify high visibility locations for campaign signs. If you would like to request a sign for your property, please contact Jay Ferris or (402) 450-3966.

Important Dates to Remember

  • October 11 – First day to vote early in-person
  • October 21 – Deadline to register to vote online/state offices
  • October 28 – Deadline to register to vote at county election official’s office
  • October 28 – Last day to request a ballot be mailed to you
  • November 8 – Election Day

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