Truth in Taxation Public Hearings Underway

Last week, you may have received a postcard saying your property taxes will be raised by more than two percent (2%) and there is a public hearing about the increase. The reason for the postcard is because of a change in state law that requires counties to notify property taxpayers when the property tax asking has increased by more than 2% over real growth.

Nebraska Farm Bureau is urging members to attend the public hearing to let their elected officials know how they feel about plans to raise their property taxes.

Use our guide to prepare for the hearing and get more information to answer questions you may have about this new law.

Nebraska Farm Bureau Leader Selected to Advise CFTC

The American Farm Bureau and Farm Bureau members across the country will have a seat at the table advising the U.S. Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) with the appointment of Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) President Mark McHargue to serve on the Agricultural Advisory Committee (AAC).

In this role, McHargue will help facilitate communication between the CFTC and the agricultural community, including Farm Bureau members and leaders. He will also provide insight and recommendations to the CFTC.

“Mark McHargue will join the CFTC Agricultural Advisory Committee at an important time,” said AFBF President Zippy Duvall. “His experience with both farming and financial services makes him well suited to advise on issues facing agriculture including climate, sustainability and crypto currency. He will be a strong representative for AFBF and America’s farmers.”

McHargue said, “The job of U.S. farmers and ranchers is more complex than ever. Aside from producing the food, fiber and fuel for our nation and world, they must be conservationists, accountants, geneticists, agronomists and even marketing specialists, to name a few. I am proud to take my years of marketing experience and represent the American Farm Bureau Federation, and the nearly 6 million members we represent, on the Commodity Futures Trading Commission’s Agricultural Advisory Committee. I look forward to helping the commission work through the many issues and challenges facing our farm and ranch families.” 

Once confirmed, McHargue will represent AFBF and NEFB on the AAC for a two-year term.

Register to Vote, Support NEFB Endorsed Candidates

The General Election is November 8 and early voting begins October 11. You can register to vote at your county election office, at the DMV when applying for or renewing your driver’s license, or register online. One of the best and easiest activities Farm Bureau members can do to help our endorsed candidates get elected is to identify high visibility locations for campaign signs. If you would like to request a sign for your property, please contact Jay Ferris or 402-450-3966.

Important Dates to Remember

  • October 11 – First day to vote early in-person
  • October 21 – Deadline to register to vote online/state offices
  • October 28 – Deadline to register to vote at county election official’s office
  • October 28 – Last day to request a ballot be mailed to you
  • November 8 – Election Day

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Political Action Committee (NEFB-PAC) endorses candidates for federal and state public office based on their commitment to and positions on agricultural issues, qualifications and previous experience, communication abilities, their ability to represent their constituents and recommendations form district evaluation committees. Farm Bureau members are encouraged to support NEFB-PAC endorsed candidates in elections.

Is Your County Working on Policy Development? Use Our Guides to Get Started!

Having good information is critical in evaluating agriculture policy issues. There’s always more to the story and digging into the issues is important. Nebraska Farm Bureau has developed several Policy Development Guides as a resource for members looking for background information on higher profile agriculture issues to help them make informed recommendations as part of Farm Bureau’s policy development process.

Download or view the Policy Development Guides online.

Resolutions are due to Whittney by November 4.
Please email to

Mail to NEFB, Attn: Whittney, PO Box 80299, Lincoln, NE 68501
Fax to (402) 421-4427

Policy Forum will be held November 17 at the Kearney Holiday Inn.

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