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Meet Jonathan, an apple farmer in Nebraska

Did you know there are 276,000 apples harvested each year at Kimmel Orchard in Nebraska City? Meet Jonathan, an apple farmer in Nebraska City, Nebraska who writes about what it’s like being an apple farmer in Nebraska. Also, download this fun apple taste test activity and learn about the different parts of an apple.

Meet Jonathan, an apple farmer in Nebraska

Hi, I am Jonathan an apple farmer at Kimmel Orchard in Nebraska City. I would like to tell you about Richard and Laurine Kimmel – the people to first plant apples at our orchard – a place where apples come from!

Some plants must be planted each year. Fruit trees do not. They can live for more than 100 years. Richard Kimmel planted apple trees in 1925. The trees grow in an orchard. Apple trees grow from the small seeds inside of apples. The trees start growing apples a few years after they are planted.

My favorite time of year is in the spring when the apple trees have many flowers. The flowers are what become the apples. The best time to pick apples is in the fall when the apples are ripe.

Some apple orchards are a lot bigger than ours. They use tractors to harvest the apples and sell them at grocery stores. Our apples are picked by the people who visit the farm.

People that visit our farm can also try the products we make from apples. We make apple cider, apple sauce, apple bread, and even apple pie! We also like to eat our apples whole.

Richard and Laurine Kimmel believed in caring for the land and apple trees. Next time you want to enjoy a tasty apple, remember you could visit an apple orchard in Nebraska!


Apple Farmer Nebraska City, Nebraska

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