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Beginning Farmer Programs Next for Inside Profitability Series…

Many of Nebraska’s most productive agriculture operations will transition to new owners or operators over the next 20 years. Entering production agriculture can be an uphill climb. Access to land, the high cost of land and equipment, and understanding what it takes to run a profitable business make it extremely complex.

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Inside Profitability Series webinar on Nov. 2 at noon CDT tackles the issue of entering agriculture focusing on state and local programs geared towards assisting  beginning farmers. Speakers from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and the USDA Farm Service Agency will highlight programs for beginning farmers and existing producers wanting to work with beginning producers.

Participants will:

  • Hear how NextGen Programs can incentivize landowners to lease to a beginning farmer.
  • Discover the benefits of the NextGen Program for beginning farmers, including the personal property tax exemption on farm equipment.
  • Learn about the variety of loan options and loan guarantees FSA can provide beginning farmers.
  • Hear first-hand experience with these programs from a beginning farmer.

Nebraska Farm Bureau’s Inside Profitability Series is a series of webinars, podcasts, and social media events focused on producer profitability. The series will center on topics identified by Nebraska Farm Bureau members key to managing and maintaining economically viable farm and ranch operations.

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