Headline Stories

Membership Matters…Now More than Ever!

Congratulations to the 26 County Farm Bureaus that made membership quota in 2022. It takes hard work by Farm Bureau Financial Service (FBFS) agents and sales associates, the Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) board, County Farm Bureau boards, the OA/PKRs, and NEFB staff to achieve this success.

Policy Watch…

In this week’s Policy Watch, American Farm Bureau presents Prop 12 arguments in the Supreme Court; the Federal Milk Marketing Order Forum successfully brings sectors together; and learn how you can support Nebraska Farm Bureau candidates heading into the General Election.

Nebraska Farm Bureau Welcomes Several New Hires

Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) has welcomed several new members to its team. Learn about the new central regional manager, Chase Samuelson, economist, Austin Harthoorn, and comptroller, Eric Paseka.

Are You a Young Farmer or Rancher? We Want You!

Do you want to make a difference by providing real feedback on issues that young producers are facing on farms and ranches? We are still taking applications to serve on the Young Farmers and Ranchers Committee.

New Patterns of Trade Integration

The drivers of international trade policy are shifting. Geopolitics, a retreat from multilateralism, and the intersection of trade with other policy areas have all combined to erode the traditional assumptions underlying trade policy. What will take their place? These challenges are the focus of the Yeutter Institute’s upcoming symposium on Nov. 2 at Nebraska Innovation Campus.

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