Membership Matters…Now More than Ever!

Congratulations to the 26 County Farm Bureaus that made membership quota in 2022. It takes hard work by Farm Bureau Financial Service (FBFS) agents and sales associates, the Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) board, County Farm Bureau boards, the OA/PKRs and NEFB staff to achieve this success.

“All Nebraskans have benefitted from the work of Farm Bureau members this year, and I am proud to see our County Farm Bureaus, FBFS agents and sales associates working together celebrating the value of being a Nebraska Farm Bureau member,” Lisa Klutz, NEFB director of membership. This has been a team effort and one we should recognize.

County Farm Bureaus in Nebraska ended the fiscal year with more than 54,578 total members, of which, 4,491 were new members.

2022 Quota Counties by Region are:

NORTHWEST (4) – Arthur, Grant, Garden, Kimball/Banner,

NORTH CENTRAL (6) – Boyd, Cherry, Holt, Loup, Rock, Wheeler

SOUTHWEST (3) – Perkins, Hayes, Harlan/Furnas

SOUTH CENTRAL (3) – Clay, Jefferson, York

CENTRAL (6) – Buffalo, Greeley, Howard, Merrick, Nance, Butler

NORTHEAST (3) – Burt, Cedar, Dixon

SOUTHEAST (1) – Richardson

Each Quota County will continue to receive $250 from Nebraska Farm Bureau as well as a free postcard mailing to their ag members in the 2022 membership year. Each will also be recognized at the 2022 NEFB Annual Meeting and Convention Dec. 4-6 in Kearney.

“Raising the Steaks”

During the final month of the membership year, NEFB partnered with FBFS agents, who had expired members with services where a membership is required, in “Raising the Steaks”. Agents who were able to get their expired members renewed received a box of steaks from Certified Piedmontese – a Farm Bureau member benefit partner. 

“This was a great partnership with Lacy Wickham, vice president of marketing for Farm Bureau Financial Services in Nebraska, and her team. This year, 709 expired memberships were renewed through the work of the FBFS agents and their staff. I am excited that 16 agents met their goal and over 88 agents participated,” Klutz said.

Membership Incentive Program Review

“We are excited to celebrate this year’s successes and look forward to broadening our membership programs to involve more County Farm Bureaus in 2022-2023 membership year,” said Adam Peterson, senior director of leadership and field services.  “As we look forward, we want to review the membership incentive programs and find out from our county leaders what types of programs would bring more value to County Farm Bureaus and how can we partner with FBFS to achieve our membership goal.”

“Strengthening the partnership between of FBFS agents and County Farm Bureau leaders is vital to the future of Farm Bureau in Nebraska. Working together, we are building a strong foundation for the future,” Peterson said.

“Building for the Future”

“As Farm Bureau’s ag membership continues to grow there are many more opportunities to get the work done that can change the future for the better for farm and ranch families,” Klutz said.

“As you think about the future of agriculture in Nebraska, remember through Nebraska Farm Bureau, you can make a tremendous impact in your communities, our state, and nation. Let’s work together with FBFS agents and sales associates and set a goal to get farmers and ranchers you know to join our efforts to ensure a strong agriculture and strong Nebraska,” Peterson said.

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