NEFB Objects to Chlorpyrifos Ban

Nebraska Farm Bureau has joined more than 80 other farm groups asking the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to continue to allow the use of chlorpyrifos. Chlorpyrifos is an organophosphate insecticide used for a large variety of agricultural products, including soybeans, and sugar beets, as well as other row crops. In its letter to the EPA, the agricultural groups say the agency’s decision to revoke all tolerance levels for chlorpyrifos “is inconsistent with federal statute, the agency’s own record on chlorpyrifos, and sound, science-based and risk-based regulatory practices.” Another concern with the EPA’s decision to ban the insecticide is the shortages of other products and the removal of a tool from the toolbox is problematic. By law, EPA must respond to the group’s objections.

Cattle Contract Library Act Passes House Ag Committee

This week, the House Agriculture Committee passed The Cattle Contract Library Act of 2021 out of Committee. The bill, introduced by South Dakota Congressman Dusty Johnson and originally cosponsored by Nebraska Third District Congressman Adrian Smith, would direct USDA’s Agriculture Marketing Service to establish a contract library for cattle contracts. The bill amends the Agricultural Marketing Act of 1946 (Livestock Mandatory Reporting) to ensure this information is reported and published along with other ongoing reports. The bill also instructs USDA to regularly update the library in a user-friendly format and provide weekly or monthly reports as applicable. Additionally, the bill authorizes USDA to issue grants to universities, associations, or other institutions who can work directly with producers to disseminate and analyze data to drive marketing decisions.

The Cattle Contract Library will publish information pertaining to:

  • Type of contract, defined as the classification of contracts for the purchase of fed cattle based on the mechanism used to determine the base price for the fed cattle committed to a packer under the contract, including formula purchases, negotiated grid purchases, forward contracts, and other purchase agreements, as determined by the Secretary
  • Duration of the contract, provisions in the contract that may affect the base price of cattle covered by the contract, schedules of premiums or discounts associated with the contract, and transportation arrangements
  • The total number of cattle solely committed to the packer each week within the 6-month and 12-month periods following the date of the contract, by reporting region
  • In the case of a contract in which a specific number of cattle are not solely committed to the packer, an indication that the contract is an open commitment and any weekly, monthly, annual, or other limitations on the number of cattle that may be delivered to the packer under the contract
  • A description of the provisions in the contract that provide for expansion in the committed cattle to be delivered under the contract for the 6- and 12-month periods.

Nebraska Farm Bureau is very supportive of the bill and urges Congress to move the legislation forward to provide needed transparency to cattle markets

Policy Resolutions Due, Register Today for Policy Forum!

The deadline to submit policy resolutions is quickly approaching! County Farm Bureau leaders have until Nov. 5, 2021 to submit their county’s policy resolutions for consideration as part of the Nebraska Farm Bureau policy development process. Resolutions should be submitted to Whittney Kelley at You can also reserve your spot to help shape Nebraska Farm Bureau’s policy positions at Policy Forum on Nov. 18. The 2021 Nebraska Farm Bureau Policy Forum will be held as a virtual and in-person event. To participate virtually, county leaders will need to join via Zoom webinar.

Campaign Management Training Seminar

Running for elected office at any level can be challenging. There’s much to consider before jumping into the fray. Jay Ferris, NEFB’s director of political engagement and state policy, was a recent guest on the Ian Swanson Show on KFAB to talk about the current candidate landscape, what it takes to run for office, and NEFB’s Campaign Management Training Seminar, which will he held Nov. 8 -9 in Lincoln. The two-day seminar is designed to help candidates plan and execute successful political campaigns. The seminar is facilitated by an expert political consultant from Washington, D.C. and is structured and flexible enough to fit any level of campaign whether it is for federal, state, or local public office. For more information, listen to the podcast below and contact Jay Ferris at or (402) 421-4409.

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