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Your Guide to NEFB’s Endorsements

Reasons to give to the NEFB-PAC

Today, more than ever, it’s important for elected officials to understand the importance of agriculture and appreciate the role farmers and ranchers play in not just providing food, but also in supporting our local, state and national economies. Said more simply, our advocacy efforts are more successful when we already have decisionmakers in place who agree with our policy positions. That’s why the Nebraska Farm Bureau Federation Political Action Committee (NEFB-PAC) exists. We need your help to bolster our presence in the Legislature and on Capitol Hill. Your support of the NEFB-PAC will dictate how successful we will be in getting the right people in office. Donate to the NEFB-PAC at under the advocacy tab. Nebraska Farm Bureau News sat down with Shery Vinton, who is Nebraska Farm Bureau’s first vice president and chairman of the NEFB-PAC, to talk about how the NEFB-PAC works and why it needs more support.

What is NEFB-PAC?
NEFB-PAC is the political action committee of the Nebraska Farm Bureau. Since 1986, NEFB-PAC has used voluntary member donations to help candidates running for public office and engage on ballot initiatives that
impact farmers and ranchers.

Who Makes the Choices?
Decisions on candidates and initiatives come from grassroots input gathered from members across the state through committees comprised of County Farm Bureau representatives. Final decisions are made by
an executive committee using input from the committees.

Does NEFB-PAC Only Support Rural Candidates?
No. NEFB-PAC supports candidates in rural and urban races where the outcomes can impact farmers and ranchers.

Is NEFB-PAC Effective?
NEFB-PAC has a proven track record of success! Over the last decade, NEFB-PAC has endorsed over 137 candidates. More than 80% of those have gone on to win their election bid and support Nebraska agriculture in office.

Why Should I Donate?
There are numerous reasons to support NEFB-PAC!

  • It is no longer a given that candidates understand agriculture. Farm and ranch families make up less than 2% of the U.S. population.
  • From tax policy to regulations to markets, decisions made by elected officials impact farmers and ranchers.
  • The voting booth is going to determine the future of farming and ranching.
  • Campaigns are expensive, and competition is fierce. Agfriendly candidates need all the help and support they can get.
  • Your donation helps us support ag-friendly candidates. No donation is too small! Every dollar matters!

More Nebraska Farm Bureau election resources are available here.

Nebraska delegation earn AFBF ‘Friend of Farm Bureau’ Award

Three members of the Nebraska congressional delegation have received the American Farm Bureau Federation’s (AFBF) Friend of Farm Bureau Award for the 117th Congress. Sen. Deb Fischer, Rep. Don Bacon (R-Dist.2) and Rep. Adrian Smith (R-Dist.3) received the award.

AFBF’s Friend of Farm Bureau award is given at the end of each Congress to lawmakers based on individual voting records on Farm Bureau priority issues, which in 2022 included their support of infrastructure
and broadband legislation, COVID-19 aid, and voting against the Build Back Better climate spending bill, among others.

Nebraska Farm Bureau nominated the members of the delegation for the award. “We are very fortunate to have elected leaders working in Washington, D.C., who understand and appreciate the important role agriculture plays in our state. Their hard work and dedication to supporting policies that help Nebraska farm
and ranch families is to be commended. We are proud to have the American Farm Bureau recognize members of our state’s congressional delegation for their leadership and service,” said Mark McHargue,
Nebraska Farm Bureau president.

“We look forward to continuing to work with the members of the delegation on initiatives that will grow opportunities for Nebraska agriculture. As has been proven time and again, when farm and ranch families and the agricultural economy do well, the people and state of Nebraska do well,” said McHargue.

NEFB Supports Initiative 432 Voter ID Constitutional Amendment and Amendment 1

Nebraska Farm Bureau Board of Directors has taken a position of support on two constitutional amendments, Initiative 432 and Amendment 1.

Initiative 432 is the Photo Voter Identification Initiative. If passed Nebraska voters would be required to show valid photo identification before voting.

“Voters need to have confidence in our election process. This constitutional amendment not only protects the integrity of our elections by asking voters to present identification before casting a ballot, but also helps ensure Nebraska’s elections remain free and fair,” said Mark McHargue, Nebraska Farm Bureau president.

Nebraska Farm Bureau delegates representing farmers and ranchers from all 93 Nebraska counties adopted policy in December 2021 that supports an effort to require registered voters to show photo identification when reporting
to the polling place to receive a ballot.

Amendment 1
Nebraska Farm Bureau has taken a position of support for a constitutional amendment that would allow political subdivisions that own or operate an airport to spend money to develop new or expanded commercial air travel.

“Nebraska Farm Bureau has a long history of supporting economic development opportunities to grow rural
Nebraska. Nebraska is at a disadvantage when it comes to air service across the state, but a ‘yes’ vote on Amendment 1 will help ensure commercial air service in rural areas of Nebraska and economic vitality,” said McHargue.

These initiatives will appear on the Nebraska general election ballot Nov. 8.

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