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President’s Column – October 2022

Our vote this general election

In Nebraska, elections are important to our future. Whether for a school board, county board of supervisors/commissioners, the local natural resources district, a member of Congress or the governor, we should do our best to cast our ballot every chance we get. Voting for candidates who support your values and who will work to implement the policies you prefer is important for many reasons. It helps our government enact the will of the people, ensures a strong democracy, and gives everyone equal opportunity to have a voice in a government that should be of, by and for the people.

This is an historic general election. On Nov. 8, thousands of Nebraskans will cast their ballots to elect a governor,
congressional representatives, state legislators, decide ballot initiatives, and fill thousands of state and local offices. As a grassroots organization, Nebraska Farm Bureau members are always working to advance policies that will help farmers and ranchers do what they do best, grow the food we eat and ensure a vibrant future for our communities, both rural and urban. Of course, calling, emailing and meeting with our representatives is critical to advancing responsible policies, but voting is the most important way we can all make our voices heard.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Political Action Committee (NEFB-PAC) has put a lot of time, energy and effort into this year’s election. We need to elect officials who will help us solve the challenges we face, not create more. NEFB-PAC has endorsed candidates seeking election during the 2022 General Election. (See pages 8-10.) These endorsements are based on the candidate’s positions on agriculture and rural issues and recommendations from district evaluation committees made up of farmer and rancher members. So, as you evaluate which candidates to support, be sure to consider how their viewpoints might affect agriculture.

One of the great things about serving as the Nebraska Farm Bureau president is getting to attend events that can be very influential to helping agriculture and Nebraska Farm Bureau. At a recent Douglas County Republican Party fundraiser to help potential legislative candidates from Omaha get elected this November, gubernatorial candidate Jim Pillen recognized Nebraska Farm Bureau as the means to bring rural and urban candidates together for the betterment of Nebraska and agriculture. We will continue to create transformative change, bringing groups of like-minded people together that appreciate and understand the importance agriculture plays in our state’s economy.

I want to also take time to recognize Gov. Pete Ricketts as his term as Nebraska governor comes to an end in January. Since taking office, Ricketts has worked with Nebraska Farm Bureau and the Legislature to deliver $12.7 billion of tax relief, dramatically reduce the rate of state spending growth, develop Nebraska’s workforce, improve operations, cut red tape, and expand international markets for Nebraska’s farmers and ranchers. We wish him well in his future endeavors.

The members of Congress you elect this November will be responsible for writing – and passing – the farm bill next year. This is a critical piece of legislation for agriculture, our rural communities and for those who need a helping hand to put food on their family’s table. The November elections will also usher in a new governor and one of the largest classes of state senators we’ve seen in a long time. We must ensure that our new and current federal and state legislators understand agriculture and how agriculture policies help protect our farms and ranches for the next generation.

To help you find out who is running for state and federal offices, we launched the NEFB-PAC election guide at (See pages 8-10.) I hope you’ll join me in voting this November. Many candidates are driven by a sense of duty and want to do what’s best for their communities and neighbors. I encourage you to get to know them and cast your vote for them.

Until next time,

Mark McHargue

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