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Dixon County Farm Bureau to Kick Off ‘Local Beef in Schools’ Event

Dixon County Farm Bureau will kick off a ‘Local Beef in Schools’ event starting with Wakefield Community Schools on Nov. 5. As a sponsor of the program, Dixon County Farm Bureau will provide local schools with quality, locally raised beef for the school lunch program.

 “I am excited to finally see Wakefield Community Schools use locally grown beef in their school lunches. It is important that we provide quality beef on the school lunch menu as a healthy source of protein for our students” said Lisa Lunz, Dixon County Farm Bureau board member. “Adding more local beef in our children’s school meals adds nutritional ZIP; Zinc, Iron, and Protein, three essential nutrients that are especially important for growing boys and girls,” said Lunz.

Members of the Dixon County Farm Bureau are working with the head cook and school administration to coordinate the school’s local needs with the available supply of cattle. The cattle are obtained from area farmers and ranchers. Cattle are either donated or purchased at market value. Supplying the schools with quality, locally raised beef, unfortunately, comes with a cost that is greater than the school’s available budget. All animals are federally inspected and processed at ASC Locker in West Point.

“With the help of Wayne County Farm Bureau paying it forward, we were able to get this program started,” said Dixon County Farm Bureau Board Member Debbie Borg. In order to keep the program running, Dixon County Farm Bureau is asking local businesses, individuals, and local farmers and livestock producers to consider donating to the program. Contact Debbie Borg at (402) 369-2291 for more information.

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