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Ag Literacy Week: Let’s Celebrate All Year Long!

Gov. Pillen proclaimed Sept. 25-29, 2023 as Agriculture Literacy Week in Nebraska during a news conference at Roosevelt Elementary School in Scottsbluff. The proclamation kicks off First Lady Suzanne Pillen’s Bushels of Stories initiative to read accurate agriculture books in elementary school classrooms.

Agriculture is a uniquely important educational topic for Nebraskans as it is the driver of Nebraska’s economy. Agriculture impacts all Nebraskans each time they eat, put fuel in their vehicles, turn on their lights, or put on clothes. Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation works to share this important message in elementary classrooms.

“As students learn about how their food, fiber, and energy are produced, we inch closer to every Nebraskan from preschooler to retiree understanding the importance of agriculture,” said Courtney Shreve, director of outreach education with the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation manages the Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom Program (AITC). AITC presents relevant and accurate information about agriculture that connects students to their source of food, fiber, and energy, demonstrating the positive impact of agriculture.

During her time as Nebraska’s First Lady, it is one of Suzanne Pillen’s missions to share accurate agriculture books with students in Nebraska. Nebraska Agriculture in the Classroom helped to create Bushels of Stories to connect students with agriculture through story.

“Books are interactive and require kids to think. I am passionate about helping kids think about how agriculture is a part of their everyday life. I hope that by reading accurate agriculture books to students, we can help more students understand how their food starts on a farm and ends up on their plate,” said First Lady Suzanne Pillen.

Over the course of this week, First Lady Pillen will be in classrooms in Scottsbluff, Columbus, and Lincoln. Throughout Gov. Pillen’s time in office, the First Lady will fulfill requests to read agriculture books to classrooms across the state. Gov. and First Lady Pillen both recognize how important it is that every Nebraskan understands where their food, fiber, and energy comes from.

“The success of agriculture is critical to the future of a prosperous Nebraska. Ensuring that every Nebraskan knows where their food, fiber, and energy comes from means the future of agriculture and Nebraska remains bright,” said Gov. Pillen.

While agriculture literacy might be officially over, the celebration continues! The Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation works hard to keep kids connected to agriculture in the classroom through classroom visits! To learn more about classroom visits, click here.

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