FSA Announces Emergency Relief Program Payments

The Farm Service Agency (FSA) recently announced that Emergency Relief Program (ERP) payments are available for the 2022 cropping year. This payment plan follows a similar structure to those already seen in 2020 and 2021 cropping years and will provide funding for natural disaster losses such as wildfires, floods, derechos, excessive heat, tornadoes, winter storms, freeze (including polar vortex), smoke exposure, excessive moisture, drought, and related conditions.

The payments will be made under two tracks. Track one will use pre-filled forms containing information from your active crop insurance or Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program (NAP) coverage plan. Track two is more complex and will use a revenue-based approach to providing payments.

Under the 2022 relief, for producers whose gross farm income is less than 75 percent of their total AGI, the maximum relief payment is $125,000. For farmers and ranchers whose farm accounts for 75 percent or more of their adjusted gross income, the max relief is $900,000 for specialty crops, and $250,000 for non-specialty crops.

All producers who receive ERP 2022 payments must purchase crop insurance, or NAP coverage where crop insurance is not available, in the next two available crop years as determined by the Secretary. Purchased coverage must be at the 60/100 coverage level or higher for insured crops or at the catastrophic coverage level or higher for NAP crops. Sales closing dates for Risk Management Agency (RMA) insurance products vary, so it would be best to contact a Crop Insurance Agent with questions. Also, for more information on the new ERP for 2022, please contact your local FSA office.

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