Economic Tidbits

Livestock Risk Management Webinar on Nov. 12

The national Extension Risk Management Education (ERME) Program and the USDA are collaborating to deliver a webinar for agricultural producers focused on livestock risk management. Recent developments and attention to livestock markets, price risk, and the need for better risk management have highlighted the challenges for livestock producers. The webinar is scheduled for Thursday, November 12, at 1:00-2:00 PM Central.

It will start with an overview of current livestock market and risk management issues by two Under Secretaries at USDA, Greg Ibach and Bill Northey. It will also include a panel to discuss livestock economics and marketing as well as the utilization of insurance tools to manage price risk. University of Nebraska-Lincoln Agricultural Economists Brad Lubben and Elliott Dennis will be presenting on the webinar along with participants from other universities and private industry. The national webinar is being hosted by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln as part of its Farm and Ranch Management Webinar Series. The webinar is offered free of charge with registration available at

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