Watch the Agriculture and Rural Issues Gubernatorial Candidate Forum

Did you miss the Agriculture and Rural Issues Republican Gubernatorial Candidate Forum? Or maybe you want to watch it again! A recording of the forum is now online. Watch as the republican candidates for governor answer questions focused on agriculture and rural Nebraska concerns in a forum hosted by Nebraska Farm Bureau.

EPA Announcement on Biofuels Falls Short

The EPA announced a proposal to scale back the amount of biofuels that U.S. oil refiners are required to blend into their fuel mix for 2022, 2021, and 2020. The agency is also introducing regulatory changes to the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS). Following a court decision, the EPA proposal includes rejecting 65 pending applications for small refinery exemptions.

“The importance of Nebraska’s ethanol industry, the second largest in the nation, cannot be overstated. More than one out of every three bushels of our state’s corn crop goes to produce this environmentally friendly product that improves the economic condition of farmers, ranchers, and rural communities. The disappointing announcement by EPA unfortunately falls short of our expectations as well as the clear government mandate already in law. At the same time, we do appreciate the administration’s denial of the Small Refinery Waivers, which only undermine congressional intent and introduce uncertainty into the ethanol industry,” said Mark McHargue, Nebraska Farm Bureau president.

“As we move forward, President Biden must fulfill his pledge to support our nation’s biofuels industry. All of those who rely upon the more than $11 billion generated annually by Nebraska’s biofuels industry will be watching,” said McHargue.

Challenges Bring Opportunity for Nebraska to be Agriculture Epicenter

When it comes to agriculture, farmers and ranchers tend not to be gratuitous self-promoters. That’s why a considerable amount of Mark McHargue’s time as Nebraska Farm Bureau President is dedicated to connecting with influencers outside of agriculture. It’s imperative they understand the importance how Nebraska farmers and ranchers (working in conjunction with our industry partners) have made Nebraska agriculture a powerhouse.

Read about how Nebraska Farm Bureau’s support for our members continues to grow and in the process we’re working to elevate Nebraska agriculture from powerhouse to epicenter in the President’s Column.

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