Economic Tidbits

So Long to 2022

Tidbits is saying “so long” to 2022 with this week’s edition. The next edition will hit inboxes January 9, 2023. Every year has its quirks, oddities, and peculiarities, and 2022 was no different. Drought, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, inflation, hail storms, and higher commodity and livestock prices were all part of 2022’s menu for Nebraska agriculture. Next year will bring another set of opportunities and challenges. Perhaps the best one can do is to heed the words of a French philosopher—“Life’s absurd. Just enjoy it.” 

Thanks to all who read Tidbits. Each week, Tidbits seeks to provide timely, informative material on Nebraska agriculture, the agricultural economy, and global and national economic trends affecting Nebraska farmers and ranchers. All with the goal of informing farm and ranch management, policy, and business decisions. Feedback is welcome and very much appreciated.

Please have a wonderful and enjoyable holidays!

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