Economic Tidbits

The Year 2019…

A common refrain heard at recent Nebraska Farm Bureau meetings is this year can’t end quick enough. The year was filled with enough unusual, atypical, unexpected, and low probability events to last a life time.

Blizzards, a winter cyclone bomb, flooding, late planting, replanting, prevented planting, death loss, heat, wind, hail, meadows to wet to hay, a fire at a major beef packing facility, hot and cold trade relations—all walloped Nebraska agriculture in 2019. And, to top it off, the Washington Nationals won this year’s World Series without winning a single home game during the seven-game series. In fact, neither team won a home game during the series, something that has never occurred since the World Series began in 1903. Enough of the unexpected, unusual, and not foreseen! Hopefully 2020 will mean the return of the predictable, probable, and expected!

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