A Note from Jim Pillen to Farm Bureau Members


Since its days as a U.S. territory, Nebraska’s lifeblood has been agriculture. It’s our economic engine, responsible for one in every four jobs. More than that, it’s our heritage, a way of life passed down from generation to generation, just as my dad passed it to me. As ag producers, we know that when production agriculture succeeds, Nebraska succeeds. But some of the biggest challenges we face—especially our broken property tax system—are directly threatening our ability to successfully farm, ranch, and feed the world.

Nebraska hasn’t had a governor who makes a living in production agriculture for over a century. To solve these problems, defend against the radical Left’s attacks on agriculture, and continue growing our state, Nebraska needs leadership with real-world ag experience. That’s why I’m running to be your Republican nominee for governor, and I need your help to win.

I’ve spent my entire life and career in production agriculture here in Nebraska. My brothers and I grew up farming with my dad, Dale, who was a tenant farmer for most of my childhood. After building a veterinary practice, I partnered with my dad to run our pig operation, raising 60 sows and 1,200 market hogs on a dirt lot on our home farm. My family has been blessed, and I’m proud of the multi-generational family business we’ve built. But today, everything all of us have worked for, everything our parents and grandparents sacrificed to preserve for us, is threatened by high taxes, burdensome regulation, and left-wing radicals who are determined to end production agriculture in Nebraska.

I won’t let that happen. As governor, I’ll fight for transformational property tax reform that fairly values ag land and makes Nebraska more competitive with our neighbors. I’ll prioritize infrastructure improvement and broadband access so we can attract new investment and opportunities to rural communities. Together, we’ll work to keep more of our kids here with great opportunities in precision agriculture, technology, advanced manufacturing, and other high-skill, high-wage jobs. I will work every day to grow Nebraska, and I can promise you that nobody will fight harder against farm-killing environmental regulations, fake meat, Joe Biden’s 30×30 land grab, and every other extremist effort to put Nebraska out of business.

If you agree that it’s time for real-world ag leadership in the governor’s office, I need your support. I invite you to join my agriculture team, comprised of all Nebraska ag producers like you who share my passion for agriculture and care about protecting our way of life for future generations.

To join the team, please fill out this form or call my agriculture coalition coordinator, Heidi Borg, at (402) 369-1615. Together, we can secure a prosperous future for production agriculture here in Nebraska for generations to come, and that fight begins now. I know we can win, but I can’t do it without your help. Thanks for all you do to keep Nebraska great.

Jim Pillen