Nebraska Farm Bureau Agriculture Disaster Exchange

When natural disasters hit, there are always people in need. We also know there are always people looking to help.

That’s why Nebraska Farm Bureau developed the Agriculture Disaster Exchange (ADE). Like a “want ad” page, the ADE provides a place for Farm Bureau members to seek and offer help, as well as share information during tough times.

  • Have extra hay to sell or donate to help a producer recover from the blizzard? Post it.
  • Looking for extra help or equipment to help in disaster recovery? Post it.
  • Want Nebraska Farm Bureau to know how recovery is going or problems you’re experiencing? Post it.

These are a just a few examples of how Farm Bureau members can use the ADE as a clearinghouse to share information. It’s the responsibility of portal users to contact each other to negotiate interactions or transactions.

By posting on this page I understand this is a public information portal and any information provided is public. By posting I absolve Nebraska Farm Bureau from all liability resulting from interactions or transactions resulting from the sharing of information on this page. I acknowledge that Nebraska Farm Bureau’s hosting of this page does not in any way constitute an endorsement of anyone or their respective products or assistance. Nebraska Farm Bureau reserves the right to remove any post from this page.

If you need immediate assistance or can volunteer to help, please call the Nebraska Department of Agriculture at 1-800-831-0550.

Name: Corrine Gugelmeyer

Phone or Email: 620-353-4464

My family lives in SW Kansas and is wanting to take in orphaned and/or abandoned livestock. We have the facilities to take in several calves, horses, goats, etc. Please let us know if we can be of assistance.

Name: Tina Bredehoeft

Phone or Email:

Portable storage units or reefer trailer needed to store home belongings for extended period of time. Verdigre in Northeast Nebraska.

Name: Miriam

Phone or Email: 9709880508

I have some miscellaneous livestock supplies such as feed pans, etc. some fencing materials, and other materials that might be of interest. Located in Wellington CO.

Name: Nick Stortz

Phone or Email: 507-273-3993

From Canton, MN. I have a semi with a 53' stepdeck and a pickup with a 30' flatbed. Will haul hay, fencing supplies, etc. Let me know who has stuff to haul and I'll bring it down. Free!

Name: Sheri Savig

Phone or Email: 4026707890

I am getting supplies for horses and cattle such as buckets, halters, leads, fencing supplies, tanks, brushes, feed stuff such as grain and pellets. If you have a need contact me and I will do what I can to fill it. Located in Elkhorn Nebraska

Name: Kim Enloe

Phone or Email:

We are in Oklahoma. We have a flatbed semi. I have asked around and can get enough hay donated to fill truck. Dont know where to take it or if anyone even have a place to store it after we could get there. Will be willing to make the trip if can be met by someone to unload

Name: Jillian Ortner

Phone or Email:

We are located in Danbury Iowa (51019)
And we have space for displaced animals. Cows, Horses, Mules, Donkeys, goats, sheep, chickens. We have space. Let us know if you need it.

Name: Jennifer Dewitz

Phone or Email:, 920-207-4679

Will be bringing down care packages for humans and animals. Where can I drop them off on Friday, the 22nd, so they can be distributed as needed? Near Omaha.

Name: Stu and Tammy Knauss

Phone or Email: or 308-325-0765

We have 30 round bales of soybean stubble for livestock bedding/feed to donate. We're in rural Cozad, Ne.

Name: J George

Phone or Email: 518-416-5054

I have a trailer and pickup I live in The Albany New York area I have some hay to spare but im looking for more hay donations from this far east I want to bring a full load out if I can get enough hay donated.

Name: Shane Tracy

Phone or Email:

Would haul a load of hay from Kansas if neeed.

Name: Sam kacir

Phone or Email:

I have extra hay I can donate. We are in TX and I can’t transport it. But if someone is heading that way they could take it with them. FREE Hay.

Name: Hespen herefords

Phone or Email:

I have some hay in NE Wyoming I'd be willing to donate. If others in the Hulett area can get together with me we could send a semi load down. Let me know if someone has any ideas. Thanks

Name: Greg Rasmussen

Phone or Email:

In Sw Mo I have 80 acres we can put someone’s cattle on. How ever we would need hay and transportation for the cattle. No charge to feed the cattle. Not much help but at least we have some dry land. Near Lockwood, MO.

Name: Steve Kloos

Phone or Email:

Looking for one or 2 family farms that have been devastated by the floods Have a semi load of big squares to donate from Wisconsin as well as the transportation to the farm 715-305-4801

Name: Bill Hottovy

Phone or Email: 402 613 8939

I have broken straw bales in the barn to go out if anyone needs straw. FREE

Also I can run front end loaders and large JD farm equip if anybody needs help operating them. Also my labor is FREE!!!

Name: Jamie Peay

Phone or Email: 832-282-4188

Y’all helped us during Harvey and we will help you too!!! Team Ag!!

I have round bales to help if someone can transport them??

Name: Scott Breinig

Phone or Email: 308-962-6140.

I have a 53’ drop deck and would be willing to haul bales or equipment.

Name: Tanya Heiniger

Phone or Email:

I am able to temporarily house chickens. I have two coops not being used. I also have room to take in some sheep or goats. I could also take in a few horses. I have hay ( not for sale) but to feed the animals I potentially take in. Thank you.

Name: Jean Parker

Phone or Email: (308) 282-0593

Gordon, NE
Dry, clean corrals and barn for a few head of horses.
Owner to provide the feed - but I will provide the labor and watch over them.
Animals can stay for an extended length of time.

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