Nebraska Farm Bureau's 'Friend of Agriculture' is a political designation from NEFB-PAC and are given to selected candidates for public office based on their commitment to and positions on agricultural issues, qualifications and previous experience, communication abilities, and their ability to represent their district. Farm Bureau members are encouraged to support NEFB-PAC 'Friends of Agriculture' on May 15.

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U.S. Senate

Deb Fischer - U.S. Senator

Sen.Deb FischerDeb Fischer

Congressional District 1
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Congressional Candidates

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Jeff Fortenberry - Congressional District 1

Jeff FortenberryJeff Fortenberry

Congressional District 1
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Don Bacon - Congressional District 2

DonBaconDon Bacon

Congressional District 2
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Adrian Smith - Congressional District 3

Adrian SmithAdrian Smith

Congressional District 3
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Nebraska Legislature Candidates

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Robert Clements - District 2

Ben Hansen - District 16

Brett Lindstrom - District 18

John McCollister - District 20

Mark Kolterman - District 24

Myron Dorn - District 30

Tom Brandt - District 32

Curt Friesen - District 34

Matt Williams - District 36

Dave Murman - District 38

Timothy Gragert - District 40

Mike Groene - District 42

Mike GroeneMike Groene

District 42
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Dan Hughes- District 44

John Stinner - District 48

John StinnerJohn Stinner

District 48
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Nebraska Executive Branch

Pete Ricketts - State Governor

Bob Evnen - Secretary of State

Bob EvnenBob Evnen

Secretary of State
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John Murante - State Treasurer

Doug Peterson - Attorney General

Nebraska Public Service Commission

Dan Watermeier - District 1

Board of Regents

Rob Schafer - District 5