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Business First Farming: So you want to farm or ranch? Being successful in production agriculture requires a focused effort on managing the finances of the operation. Hear about financial and business management strategies that increase your chances of long-term success.

Health Care and You:  If you're looking for direction and ideas to navigate the individual market – attend this session and learn about your options! A panel of speakers will offer you tools and ideas to help you save money - regardless what's going on in the market place! 

Where Do I Fit In? The Age of Consolidation: 'Keeping Families on the Farm': why is that even an issue? We have had farm families in the U.S. for hundreds of years. Are they in danger? Really?”

The short answer is yes, farm families are being driven away from their farming legacies, sometimes after generations. In any consolidating industry, there are only two players: consolidators and those who are consolidated. Neither is right or wrong, but you had better decide which you will be and act accordingly in positioning your farm business.

Is Livestock the Answer?: You know you need to make a change, but you have questions about what that might be and what it might take. “Is Livestock the Answer?” is a tool to help you start that process with a focus on whether incorporating or expanding livestock in to your current operation is the change you might be seeking. 

Money & Time: Allies or Enemies?: Many people know they need money to buy necessities like food, clothing, a car, a home or even a business. However, the basics can cost you dearly without even recognizing it. Learn steps to ensure time becomes your financial ally and how to avoid pitfalls that could make time your enemy.

What Toys Should I Buy?: A beach vacation sounds pretty good this time of year, but should you go? Learn how and when to spend your hard-earned family dollars. This session will cover family living expenses and how capital expenses can affect your living expenses.

2018: What You Can Expect from Washington in the New Year: Congress is expected to tackle a lot in the upcoming year including a new farm bill, a possible infrastructure package, and a number of important regulatory issues. Jordan Dux will go through all of these topics and more and let you know what you can expect in terms of federal policy for 2018.

Sell Fresh. Sell Local.: Selling directly has many opportunities.  Come learn more about the various direct marketing channels and what you need in order to start selling through them.  We'll cover farmers markets, grocery stores, schools, community supported agriculture, restaurants, and much more.

Think Like an Entrepreneurship: This session is not about teaching you to farm. This is about thinking differently about how you go about farming. Brennan serves as the Chief Business Relations Officer for the Engler Agribusiness Entrepreneurship Program. The Engler Program instills a unique mindset about how to solve problems and create opportunities. Brennan explains that mindset in this session.