yfr conference2019

Beef Heifer Development Systems and Lifetime Productivity - Dr. Rick Funston

The focus of this presentation will be on low input heifer development systems and lifetime productivity.

Cattle Data Analysis - John Herrick

The more accurately you know genetic potential, and the sooner, the more opportunity there is to build on the top and cleave from the bottom. This session will help producers understand how to better utilize cattle breeding data to make the best economic decisions for their operation.

Family Dynamics in Farming - Kyle Lechtenberg

In this session you will hear stories from Kyle’s experience on ways that working with family has worked and ways it has not.

From Prices to Policy – What Can Farmers and Ranchers Expect? - Jordan Dux & Jay Rempe

From farm prices and production figures, to farm policy and trade, Farm Bureau staff will provide a rundown on happenings in Washington D.C. to Beijing, China, and everywhere in between.

GMO-Yes or No - Hilary Maricle

What exactly is a GMO?  Have you ever wondered which foods are actually GMOs?  What does all of the food labeling mean?  Join us for a conversation about sharing the facts about food with consumers.

Growing Hops In Nebraska - Jacob Robison

Hops are a great crop to add to a traditional row crop farm and can be grown in Nebraska. This workshop is an overview of growing hops in Nebraska including: hop yard setup, planting, management, harvest, storage and marketing.

Improve Your Farms Potential - Protect Your Health - Ellen Duysen

Agricultural workers have some of the highest rates of hearing loss and respiratory disease when compared to all other professions. This session will provide young farmers and ranchers an opportunity to discuss current methods of engineering out noise and dust, and to learn how to properly choose and use personal protective equipment.

Oops I Did It Again: Don't Let Planter Maintenance Get You Off to the Wrong Start - Brandon Hamer

This workshop will provide participants with Top 10 Tips to be ready to go with their planter this spring.

Soil Health Through Nutrient Balance and Cover Crops - Mike Nichols

Discuss how to balance soils in order to ensure better soil health and raise the ceiling on your potential, most of which can be done with nutrients and cover crops.

Tips for Success - Collegiate Career Hunt with UNL Alumni

Looking for a job after college but not sure where to start? Hear from UNL Alumni on their current careers and the path they took to find them.