Campaign Management Training Seminar

October 24 – 25, 2023

Nebraska Farm Bureau
5225 S. 16th Street, Lincoln, NE 68512

Running for elected office at any level can be challenging. There’s much to consider before jumping into the fray. Understanding the time commitment, the ins-and-outs of running a campaign on a day-to-day basis, and fundraising are among the things to consider before seeking office. That’s why the NEFB-PAC offers campaign training for perspective candidates and others interested in campaigns.

About the Seminar

The Campaign Management Training Seminar was developed by the American Farm Bureau Federation with the input from political consultants and staff of both political parties.

DVDs, visual aids, a case study, and a simulated election have been developed to assist in the presentation of the seminar. This will enable participants to have meaningful, hands-on experiences and to test techniques, tools, and methods.

Purpose – To help candidates run for public office, whether veteran office holders or first-time participants, plan and execute successful political campaigns.

Target Audience – The seminar is designed for candidates for public office, their families, their campaign teams, and other individuals who may be interested in seeking elected public office in the future. We encourage the candidate, his or her family, and team to attend and work together.

Campaign Level – The seminar is structured and flexible enough to fit any level of campaign whether it is for local, state, or federal public office.

Participant Fee – A fee is charged to help cover the cost of materials, equipment, break refreshments and meals.

Campaign Training Agenda

If you have any additional questions about registration, please contact Whittney Kelley at (402) 421-4760.