Cattle Markets Task Force

The purpose of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Cattle Markets Task Force is to examine underlying issues and focus on the creation of a roadmap for the long-term viability of Nebraska’s cattle industry. The Task Force is made up of cattle producers from across the spectrum of the industry. Task Force recommendations will be used for consideration in developing Farm Bureau policy, programming, and potential structural changes within the cattle industry.


Nebraska’s livestock industry is at the heart of Nebraska agriculture representing $11.9 billion of economic activity each year. Given the sector’s importance, the Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) State Board of Directors voted to make the protection and growth of our state’s livestock sector a top strategic priority in 2019 and 2020 at both the state and federal level. The Nebraska cattle industry alone stands out as our states largest individual agriculture sector. The NEFB Board voted in December 2019 to create a task force to develop new and examine current Farm Bureau policy and provide input on what NEFB’s role should be in addressing concerns regarding cattle marketing.


Topics for discussion by the Task Force will include, but are not limited to:

  • Trends toward Less Negotiated Sales for Fed Cattle
  • Cattle Futures Markets
  • Vertical Integration
  • Value Added Opportunities
  • Risk Management
  • Mandatory Price Reporting

Task Force Members

Marty Stewart (Dixon Co.), State Board Member, Northeast Region
(402) 375-8913 –

State Legislative Policy Committee Representative Bill Lechtenberg (Boyd Co.) – Cow/Calf

Casey Schuhmacher (Dawes Co.) – Cow/Calf
Jan Frenzen (Nance Co.) – Value Added and Cow/Calf
Joan Ruskamp (Colfax Co.) – Feedyard
K.C. Rieken (Nance Co.) – Sale Barn Owner and Cow/Calf
Kathy Hirschman (Howard Co.) – Cow/Calf and Feedyard
Lana Bushhousen (Merrick Co.) – Cow/Calf and Feedyard
Matt Jedlicka (Colfax Co.) – Feedyard
Sherry Vinton (Arthur Co.) – Cow/Calf
Steve Stroup (Dundy Co.) – Cow/Calf and Feedyard
Todd Schroeder (Cuming Co.) – Feedyard
Wayne Eatinger (Cherry Co.) – Cow/Calf

Jordan Dux, Director of National Affairs
(402) 421-4437 –
Jay Rempe, Senior Economist
(402) 421-4447 –
Heidi Pieper, Regional Manager, Southwest Region
(308) 660-7625 –