County Farm Bureau Nomination

The YF&R Committee serves at the pleasure of the President and Board of Directors. One member from each membership region is eligible to serve. There are also four at-large positions (consisting of two YF&R At Large and two Student At Large). The Chair is appointed annually by the NEFB President, with ratification by the NEFB Board, from members of the YF&R Committee. The Vice Chair is elected annually by the members of the Committee. The Youth At Large member of the Board of Directors serves as an ex-officio member.

The Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee shall plan and execute a program which shall:

  1. Meet the needs of young people and assist the organization in attaining its leadership and program goals and objectives.
  2. Be within the scope of Farm Bureau policy.
  3. Be approved by the Board of Directors.

General Qualifications:  A member of the Young Farmers & Ranchers Committee should:

  1. Be an active, loyal Farm Bureau member and believe in Farm Bureau as a means of solving public problems and in the market system as a means of meeting human needs.
  2. Be conscientious, dependable and cooperative.
  3. Demostrate an understanding of the needs of and opportunities for young producers and leaders.
  4. Have leadership ability.
  5. Be enthusiastic.
  6. Be willing to give time and effort.