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NOTE: You must have your Farm Bureau Membership card to get in Free on these dates.

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Office Assistant/Person Keeping Records (OA/PKR)

Board of Directors

President: Larry Hadan

Vice-President: Ryan Ueberrhien

Secretary/Treasurer: Richard Musel

YF&R Chair: Brady & Katie Revels

Board Member: James Gottsch

Board Member: Rob Gottsch

Board Member: Merle (Suzi) Hadan

Board Member: Fred Tonack

Board Member: Michael Valasek

OA/PKR: Roni Tonack


Douglas County Farm Bureau Scholarships

Regional Manager

Leann Robitaille

State Board Representatives

State Board Member: Terry Keebler

State YF&R Committee Members: Ryan and Lindsey Ueberrhein

P&E Committee Member: Paula Peterson