August-September 2021 Edition

Nebraska Farm Bureau News talked with Sen. Deb Fischer about the issues Nebraska cattle producers face and what her Cattle Market Transparency Act can do to help ensure that every segment of the cattle market is thriving. Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue noted the importance of the proposed legislation when he recently commented on the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee and U.S. House Agriculture Committee hearings on the current state of the beef supply chain. “The hearings on cattle markets in the House and Senate again highlight the complexity of the challenges facing cattle producers. Clearly there’s no silver bullet that would immediately lead to higher cattle prices. NEFB supports legislative, regulatory and private sector solutions that will provide more price discovery and transparency for cattle producers and provides a boost to create more processing capacity that is desperately needed. Sen. Fischer’s Cattle Market Transparency Act must be signed into law. It remains the best legislative approach to addressing the marketing issues regularly discussed by Nebraska’s cattle producing families.”

Agriculture ecosystem credit markets, like carbon credit markets, have been described as the Wild West. Right now, anything goes. Farmers are being besieged by several entities seeking their participation in credit programs. Private companies, start-ups, even Congress and the USDA are including agriculture in their sustainability initiatives.

Important Policy Development Dates

  • Nov. 18, 2021 | NEFB Policy Forum – Kearney Holiday Inn
  • Dec. 5-7, 2021 | NEFB Annual Meeting and Convention – Younes Convention Center, Kearney
  • Jan. 7-12, 2022 | AFBF Annual Meeting and Convention – Atlanta, Georgia