One-by-one farmers and ranchers from across the state, young and old, spoke with conviction to members of the Legislature’s Revenue Committee about the importance of Sen. Curt Friesen’s school funding/property tax bill LB 497. The comments were made as part of the Committee’s Feb. 14 public hearing on the bill. In both verbal and written testimony, Farm Bureau members repeatedly offered support for the measure. LB 497 would broaden the sources used to fund K-12 schools, reduce the state’s overreliance on property taxes, and replace parts of the system that has created inequities in how the state of Nebraska treats students and taxpayers in funding schools.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau’s new Association Health Plan (AHP) was driven by the need to serve Nebraska farm and ranch families struggling to find affordable health insurance in the wake of changes in the insurance industry resulting from passage of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) nearly a decade ago. In providing invited testimony before a full contingency of the House Ways and Means Committee, Nebraska Farm Bureau Chief Administrator Rob Robertson testified that the organization’s first-of-its-kind AHP was borne out of necessity to help those in need.

Nebraska State Sen. Dan Hughes of Venango has introduced LB 227 to boost private property rights protection for Nebraska farmers and ranchers, so they can continue to have the flexibility to adopt new technologies, modify and improve their farm and ranch operations. The bill, refered to as the nuisance bill, would help curb nuisance lawsuits like those brought against pork producers in North Carolina which have gained national attention.

Sean Krebs of Clearwater, Cadrien Livingston of Orchard, Brady Revels of Omaha, and David Schuler of Bridgeport advanced to the final round of the Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) Young Farmers and Ranchers (YF&R) Discussion Meet to be held at the next NEFB Annual Convention, Dec. 8-10, 2019.