In celebrating 100 years of Nebraska Farm Bureau’s service to farm and ranch families, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson highlighted past achievements, current challenges, and pointed to the future in delivering his annual address to more than 350 farmers and ranchers from across the state at the Nebraska Farm Bureau Annual Meeting and Convention, Dec. 3-5 in Kearney.

The Nebraska Farm Bureau is holding a Campaign Management Training Seminar January 16-17 at the Nebraska Farm Bureau office at 5225 South 16th Street in Lincoln. The purpose of the seminar is to help candidates run for public office, whether veteran office holders or first-time participants and to, plan and execute successful political campaigns.

The 2018 Legislative Session is a 60-day session which begins Wednesday, Jan. 3, 2018 and is tentatively scheduled to end April 18, 2018. Senators have through Thursday, Jan. 18 to introduce bills. Hearings on legislative proposals will begin the middle of January and continue through March. Here is a list of key issues Nebraska Farm Bureau will be monitoring in 2018.

Nebraska Farm Bureau knows that there is strength in numbers. The more members engaged with their local senators, the more voices we have committed to solutions. Nebraska Farm Bureau needs county Farm Bureaus to sign up to come to Lincoln to participate in a County Farm Bureau Day at the Capitol. Learn about and participate in the legislative process and help advocate for Nebraska Farm Bureau policies that have an impact on your farm or ranch.

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