Supporters of meat grown in a lab are trying to figure out what to call their product. The label “clean meat” is what they want to use on what scientist call cell cultured protein. Other options tested: “Meat 2.0,” “Safe Meat,” and “Pure Meat.” But it doesn’t sit too well with those who raise livestock and rightly so. Many in the conventional meat industry are bothered by these terms and want to stop it from taking hold.

Property taxes, health care, and trade were among the top issues of importance to Nebraska farmers and ranchers who took part in Nebraska Farm Bureau’s listening sessions across the state this summer. The organization held sessions in Ainsworth, Gering, Hastings, and West Point in June, followed by sessions in Syracuse, Columbus, and North Platte in August. Roughly 400 farmers and ranchers participated in the events, which gave attendees the opportunity to share their thoughts about the issues impacting their operations.

As a presidential candidate and throughout his 18-plus months in office, President Trump has committed his administration to reducing the U.S. trade deficit in goods and services. According to the administration, the trade deficit is evidence that the U.S. is “losing” in international trade and could hinder growth in U.S. gross domestic product. By reducing the trade deficit, the administration seeks to accelerate economic growth and job creation in the U.S.

John Deere now offers John Deere Rewards to members of Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB). Farm Bureau members receive discounts, special low rate financing, and all other benefits associated with John Deere Rewards Platinum 2 status.