Neidig remembered for raising agriculture’s importance.

Bryce Neidig, the second longest serving president of Nebraska Farm Bureau, was remembered for being an articulate and popular president who was enthusiastic about the future of Farm Bureau and agriculture. He died March 22 at the age of 86.

Imagine, county Farm Bureau’s getting paid for recruiting new members. That’s exactly what happened this year through the “Early Harvest” program of the “Just Ask” Campaign.

“’Just Ask’ is designed to guide county Farm Bureaus through the process of recruiting and retaining new members. The ‘Early Harvest’ program is just one way we are rewarding counties who are successful in their efforts. Although the concept is simple – asking your friends and neighbors to join – it is not something that everyone is comfortable doing. The resources and incentives provided to county Farm Bureaus will prepare them to ‘Just Ask’,” Phil Erdman, vice president of membership for Nebraska Farm Bureau said.

Counties had until March 31 to receive a $250 cash award and be designated an “Early Harvest” recipient. These county Farm Bureaus successfully recruited its new member goal for ag operaters (voting members).
“Congratulations to the 12 county Farm Bureaus who each have received a $250 cash award for achieving their new ag member goal for 2018. We are proud of their accomplishments and hope to see this list grow as we get the word out about the ‘Just Ask’ Membership Campaign,” Erdman said. “I want to thank each county Farm Bureau for investing the time and effort to recruit the future leaders of your county Farm Bureaus.”

CountyBrochureTools to Strengthen Your County Farm Bureaus

“The size of your membership and the strength of your county Farm Bureau will determine what you can accomplish to make the lives of farmers and ranchers better,” said Phil Erdman, vice president of membership for Nebraska Farm Bureau.

Most counties rely primarily, if not exclusively, on dues for the resources they need to make an impact in their county. County Farm Bureaus have some additional tools this year to help them reach their membership goals (quota) for the 2018 membership year.

County Farm Bureau’s will be rewarded for ag members who joined in 2017 and are involved in the work county Farm Bureaus are doing. Each county Farm Bureau will receive $20 for each new ag member who meets the following guidelines:

  • joined as a new ag member in 2017,
  • participates in Farm Bureau events or activities, and
  • renews their membership in 2018.

Counties will submit an activity form – verified by their Regional Manager - listing their 2017 ag members and what activities and role each played in their county Farm Bureau. Payment will be sent to counties for each qualifying member in October, 2018.

Another part of the “Just Ask” Campaign is an incentive to be a part of the Farm Bureau “Producers Club”. Here is how this program works. County Farm Bureau members that sign up:

  • two or more new members by April 1, receive a pair of Farm Bureau work gloves,
  • five or more new members by May 1, receive a personalized Farm Bureau steel sign,
  • 10 or more new members by August 1, receive a personalized Farm Bureau jacket.

Please contact the Membership Department at (402) 421-4466 to report the names of the members you have recruited to validate your awards.

Finally, we cannot send you out to do the work without the resources to promote the work that each county Farm Bureau does,” Erdman said. “At the 2017 NEFB Annual Meeting counties received an initial printing of a tri-fold brochure with your county Farm Bureau logo, county Farm Bureau specific dues amounts and membership application, and agriculture’s economic and educational impact in each county.”

“I am pleased to announce that we will be printing another batch of these brochures in time for county fairs and will be contacting you or your Regional Manager to get them delivered.”
When you run out of these brochures, you can order more by contacting This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in the Membership Department at
(402) 421-4466.

When it comes to getting around the farm and ranch or using equipment that can make any job more efficient, remember your Nebraska Farm Bureau member benefits for savings on tractors, mowers, vehicles, and larger equipment. We can help you do the job right and stay on the right side of your accounting ledger. All member benefit partners have a vast product line up that can be found on our mobile app and website at Here are a few to consider.

Nebraska Farm Bureau is urging the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to not use the term “meat” when referring to all lab-grown and plant-based meat alternatives. The request to limit the definition of “beef” and “meat” to only products from live animals born, raised, and harvested in the traditional manner, comes from a strong movement to develop and commercialize alternative protein products, particularly “clean meat,” also called lab-grown or cultured meat, and plant-based proteins.

Soybean, pork, and corn farmers should be concerned about tariffs and their impact on their products. The United States and China are in the middle of a high-stakes card game when it comes to trade.