Nebraska Farm Bureau president Steve Nelson attended an event Dec. 11 at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) headquarters in Washington, D.C. to witness the signing of the proposed Clean Water Rule.

“We are pleased by the EPA and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (CORPS) actions to propose a new Clean Water Rule to replace the 2015, Waters of the U.S., (WOTUS) Rule,” NEFB President Steve Nelson said on behalf of the Common Sense Nebraska Coalition. “Our coalition partners are committed to protecting the land and water resources under our stewardship, however, the 2015 WOTUS Rule was not about clean water, but instead about a massive expansion of federal authority over private lands and infringement upon individual property rights,” he said.

“We thank President Trump for following through on his promise to address this important issue and we appreciate the EPA and CORPS for working with agriculture and numerous other interests to gather input and feedback to work towards a better proposal,” Nelson said. “Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson is also to be commended for his ongoing efforts to protect Nebraska’s interests throughout this process, paving a way for us to get to this point.”

For more than five years Farm Bureau has advocated for a new water rule that protects clean water and provides clear rules for people and communities to follow. This new rule will empower farmers and ranchers to comply with the law, protect our water resources, and productively work their land without having to hire an army of lawyers and consultants. The new rule has a 60-day comment period.

“Our coalition partners want a rule that provides a framework for clean water protection, but also clearly identifies waters subject to federal jurisdiction. We believe the EPA and CORPS have moved in the right direction with this new proposal on those fronts. We look forward to further evaluation and providing feedback to the agencies during the public comment period,” Nelson said.