Christ SaubChris Saub - Friday Night Entertainment

Chris was born in Philadelphia and raised in the midwest. Music has taken him around the world. After a career in the pop/rock music scene, today he finds himself playing his own soundscape music for Yoga and Meditation, relaxing cover songs for weddings and private events, and he's found playing original and cover songs in metro area restaurants four nights a week. A father to four beautiful and vibrant young women, he still travels the world exploring all that that's out there to find and enjoy. 








Steve Meade web pic

Hypnotist Steve Meade - Saturday Night Entertainment

For 21 years Steve has been hypnotizing people coast to coast. Your jaw will drop in amazement as participants come under the spell of this dynamic and hilarious, master stage hypnotist. Steve’s unique style of hypnosis will MYSTICALLY and POWERFULLY transform any audience into SUPERSTARS. They’ll travel to exotic tropical locations like Jamaica, Tahiti, and Hawaii - or perhaps he’ll make them travel to the far corners of the Universe using the power of Hypnosis and their own Imaginations.