• David.M.KohlDavid M. Kohl, Ph.D.

    “Straight Talk, Straight Actions” says it all in the title of this high energy, no-holds-barred approach session. Straight talk on the global economic trends will impact your business’ bottom line. Decision making will be presented in a manner that links global economics to your business, family and personal life. Dr. Kohl will provide insight and answers to the most common questions asked by producers, owners, and managers. This energetic session will provide information and perspectives, that are valuable for balancing business and lifestyle.

  • Jordan DuxJordan D. Dux

    The 2016 election cycle generated a lot of hype,
    debate, division, and criticism throughout the year.
    Jordan Dux, Nebraska Farm Bureau’s director of
    national affairs, will provide an honest look at what
    we can expect the new President and Congress to
    tackle in the upcoming year. From the next Farm Bill
    to federal regulations and trade, his presentation
    will provide a look at some of the issues that will be
    discussed in the beltway that may have a
    direct impact on your farm or ranch.
  • Kristi BoswellKristi Boswell

    Now that the election is over Kristi Boswell, director of congressional relations in the Public Policy Department of the American Farm Bureau Federation in Washington, D.C. will give a postelection update on how the new president will view agriculture and where they will stand on issues such as immigration reform. Boswell handles labor and food safety issues and is the daughter of Ken Boswell of Clay County Farm Bureau.
  • gordy prattGordy Pratt

    Gordy has performed all over the United States,
    but it wasn’t until 1990 that Gordy began writing
    and performing his unique brand of stand-up
    musical comedy and now does more than 100
    corporate comedy shows a year across the country.
    His 90-minute concert, which includes a generous
    sprinkle of comedy, classical guitar, favorite songs,
    and original songs has been seen in concert halls
    and other venues from Vancouver to San Francisco
    to New York. He continues to write comedy and
    original songs, while performing “sensational songs”
    by some of his favorite songwriters: Guy Clark,
    Don Henry, Craig Carothers, and many others.
  • Ron HansonDr. Ron Hanson

    Farm succession planning for the next generation
    brings about many challenges as well as emotional
    issues to resolve between family members. Parents
    must have a vision for the future of their farm and
    initiate the process of transferring the eventual
    ownership of a family farm from parents to their adult children. It can be an overwhelming task for many
    families. Dr. Hanson, who recently retired from the
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln and currently serves as
    the Harlan Agribusiness Professor Emeritus,
    will cover this topic and help map out a plan
    for succession.