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LINCOLN, NEB. – “Today is a good day for all Nebraskans who have continued to bear the brunt of high property taxes, particularly our state’s farm and ranch families. This morning’s announcement by the Nebraska Department of Revenue shows that state revenue numbers will boost property tax relief even more with the Property Tax Incentive Credit. Nebraska Farm Bureau estimates taxpayers will see a tax credit equal to 22 percent of their property taxes paid to schools when they file their 2021 tax return. This is 3.5 times the amount they received this tax year.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) is always grateful for opportunities to directly engage with our nation’s leaders and decision makers, and today’s meeting with Secretary Vilsack is absolutely no exception. NEFB has always promised to work with leaders from either political party to advance policy that benefits the economic future of Nebraska’s farm and ranch families. Today, I participated in an event with Secretary Vilsack who highlighted an executive order that intends to, among a host of other things, increase competition within the agricultural marketplace, provide a monetary boost to expand meat processing capacity, and encourage policy changes to eliminate some limitations on what machinery repairs farmers and ranchers can make themselves.” 

LINCOLN, NEB. – A coalition of organizations from across Nebraska have again joined together to ensure the federal government respects private property rights and the limits of federal regulatory authority following the Biden administration’s announcement that they would rewrite former President Trump’s Navigable Water Protection rule, which was written to replace former President Obama’s 2015 Waters of the United States (WOTUS) rule. 

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Nebraska Farm Bureau is pleased with the Senate approval of the Growing Climate Solutions Act. We especially want to thank Senators Fischer and Sasse for their work on this bipartisan solution to address challenges faced by farmers and ranchers. This important piece of legislation will provide more clarity and guidance for farmers and ranchers who want to provide the ecosystem services that many consumers and businesses are desiring, while at the same time, building upon Nebraska agriculture’s strong foundation of environmental stewardship.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Today’s Senate Agriculture Committee hearing focused on cattle markets and providing more transparency for both producers and consumers again highlights the need to reform the way cattle are marketed in the United States. Nebraska’s cattle industry is the largest segment of our state’s largest industry and when cattle producers suffer economic distress so does our state. We again call on Congress to take up and pass Nebraska Senator Deb Fischer’s Cattle Market Transparency Act, which will provide needed reform to the cattle marketplace. We thank the Senate Agriculture Committee leadership for holding this important hearing and urge them to pass Senator Fischer’s bill.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Farmers and ranchers take great pride in caring for their livestock and are proud to play a major role in supporting our nation’s food supply. That’s why we are pleased to see the Colorado Supreme Court reject a ballot measure (Initiative 16) that would have effectively ended livestock production and processing in Colorado, and in the process criminalize veterinarians and pet and livestock owners for using commonly accepted animal care practices. The Court’s finding that Initiative 16 violates the state’s single-subject requirement is a win not just for the people of Colorado, but for farmers, ranchers, and pet owners across the country.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – Nebraska Farm Bureau Student Project Grants, supported by the Charles Marshall Fund at the Nebraska Farm Bureau Foundation, were awarded to four deserving student Farm Bureau members in Clay, Knox, Chase, and Wayne counties. Each student was awarded one thousand dollars to be used to either begin or expand their 4-H project or FFA Supervised Agricultural Experiences (SAE) project.

LINCOLN, NEB. – Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) has identified 10 social media savvy student members to join The Crew. The Crew participants share their love of agriculture through social media and are selected from NEFB student members, who range in age from 16 to 23. Each member is selected in the spring and participates for one year.

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Nebraska Farm Bureau is pleased to see the announcement from United States Trade Representative (USTR) Ambassador Katherine Tai that the United States has established a dispute settlement panel under United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) to ensure Canada follows through with their dairy import obligations. The provisions giving more Canadian access to U.S. dairy producers was one of the most significant wins in the USMCA. Trade agreements only work if their provisions are enforced, and this move by Ambassador Tai continues to show the world the U.S. expects our trading partners to uphold their commitments.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Nebraska Farm Bureau was very pleased to see this important industry meeting take place last week to discuss the ongoing challenges facing America’s cattle producers. We are encouraged the reform principals discussed aligned with recommendations developed by the Nebraska Farm Bureau Cattle Markets Task Force which was established last year, many of which became American Farm Bureau policy. Industry alignment on these important topics again highlights the need to pass U.S. Sen. Deb Fischer’s Cattle Market Transparency Act which will provide needed reform within the cattle industry. Given recent market conditions, now is the time to pass Sen. Fischer’s bill that provides more price discovery and transparency to arguably one of the most complex commodity markets in the world.”

NEFB joins agriculture and environmental groups to find ways farmers, ranchers, can deliver and benefit from climate solutions.

LINCOLN, NEB. – The Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) Board of Directors voted recently to join the Food and Agriculture Climate Alliance. The group consists of organizations representing a cross-section of farmers, ranchers, forest owners, the food sector, state governments, and environmental advocates that are working together to develop and promote shared climate policy priorities.

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LINCOLN, NEB. – A Nebraska-based coalition has formed in opposition to Washington, D.C., tax hikes that could threaten family farms, businesses, and communities. Members of Nebraska’s congressional delegation joined leaders from the NE Chamber and the Nebraska Farm Bureau to launch “Nebraskans for Tax Truth”, Thursday, May 6. The coalition will focus on ensuring Nebraskans know the truth about how tax hikes would impact Nebraskans in light of proposals floated by President Joe Biden and other members of congress. Discussions in Washington, D.C., have centered around ramping up capital gains, estate (death taxes), and corporate taxes. Coalition partners say raising taxes in these areas would have far-reaching impacts that not only threaten Nebraska’s family businesses and primary economic sectors, but Nebraskans who rely on those businesses for employment. Coalition representatives will look to grow the coalition and partners over the next few months heading into Congressional tax discussions targeted for late summer and early fall. The coalition urged individual Nebraskans to learn more and sign the coalition’s petition in support of common-sense tax policies, particularly post-pandemic, by visiting the coalition’s website at

LINCOLN, NEB. – In response to the Conserving and Restoring the America the Beautiful report also known as 30X30, Nebraska Farm Bureau (NEFB) President Mark McHargue said “The Biden administration has again talked a big game but has provided very few real details as to how they plan to implement the 30x30 concept. The report released by the administration claims they want to focus on voluntary conservation efforts and will respect private property rights, and that’s a good thing. At the same time, NEFB will be watching this effort very carefully to ensure that those principals are upheld. Any effort to upend private land ownership or expand perpetual easements will be swiftly opposed by our organization.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – “We are extremely disappointed in the Legislature’s failure to advance LB 454. Today’s action is a missed opportunity for the Legislature to start down the path of reforming how we fund schools in Nebraska. There’s a clear inequity in our current funding system when 159 of the 243 school districts in our state receive no state equalization aid. The fact that the state takes on the bulk of responsibility for funding education for some students, while doing little to nothing to support others is a failure of our state. This bill could have served as the foundation for a scalable approach to doing more to fulfill the state’s obligation to fund K-12 education across Nebraska to the benefit of all Nebraska students and taxpayers. I want to thank the 23 senators who supported LB 454, particularly Sen. Friesen and Sen. Briese, for their leadership on this bill. This issue isn’t going away. We will continue to work with the Legislature to find senators who are willing take on one of our state’s most pressing issues.”

 LINCOLN, NEB. – In response to the Nebraska Economic Forecasting Advisory Board’s revised revenue projections for the current year and the next biennium, Nebraska Farm Bureau President Mark McHargue said “We are encouraged by continued growth in state revenues, indicating that Nebraska’s economy is strong. Nebraska’s strong tax revenues continue to give the state the opportunity to deliver more property tax relief and provide better access to high speed broadband in rural Nebraska.”