LINCOLN, NEB. – “On behalf of the members of the Nebraska Farm Bureau I want to thank Sen. Ben Sasse for introducing the ‘Transporting Livestock Across America Safely Act.’ Today, livestock haulers are forced to operate under strict regulations that fail to recognize the unique needs that exist in the transport of live animals, including bees. In many instances, these regulations force drivers to have animals on trucks longer than necessary, needlessly exposing them to the elements in winter and summer months. Sen. Sasse’s legislation will drive needed changes to ensure our transportation regulations reflect the ideals of modern livestock farming and transport that are founded in the principals of reducing animal stress.”

“This is an important issue as livestock and agriculture production are major contributors to Nebraska’s local and state economies and the ability to transport livestock in timely and safe manners plays a major role in the success of Nebraska’s livestock sector.”

“We are fortunate to have both of our senators working to address this long-standing issue. Sen. Deb Fischer has also been very active in working with the Trump Administration to address our concerns through the regulatory process. We appreciate the work of both Sen. Fischer and Sen. Sasse to provide a one-two punch of both regulatory and legislative solutions to provide flexibility to farmers, ranchers, and truckers who have long struggled to operate within the current regulatory framework.”

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