LINCOLN, NEB., – “It is our hope that those who consume meat products produced by Nebraska’s farm and ranch families will take the time and effort to look beyond the simplistic headlines surrounding the World Health Organization’s (WHO) announcement, assessing cancer and the consumption of red meat and processed meat.”

“Those who have reviewed WHO’s materials understand the classification is not an assessment of the cancer risk posed by meat consumption. In other words, WHO determined that a rock falling from a cliff could be harmful if it fell on you. It did not determine the risk of that actually happening.”

“Experts have pointed out that billions of dollars have been spent on studies around the world and no single food has ever been proven to cause cancer. It is our hope that people will avoid knee-jerk reactions to national headlines that would imply eating meat is the equivalent of eating asbestos. Any insinuation of such is ludicrous and clearly not the case as the WHO pointed out in its own Question and Answer documentation that accompanied the classification. Unfortunately, those realities failed to make their way into national headlines because of our societal obsession with fear mongering and sensationalism that all too frequently puts flash over substance.”

“Lean meat protein continues to be an important part of a balanced diet and Nebraska farmers and ranchers remain committed to producing the highest quality products for consumers, which include members of their own families.”