LINCOLN, NEB. – “While a 20 percent tariff on imports from Mexico into the U.S. would have limited impact on prices for Nebraska agriculture commodities, the possibility of retaliatory tariffs enacted by Mexico could be devastating to Nebraska farmers, ranchers, and Nebraska’s overall economy.”

“In 2014, Nebraska shipped more than $1 billion in agriculture products to Mexico. Mexico is the 3rd largest consumer of all U.S. agriculture goods, where Mexico is the 2nd largest consumer of U.S. corn, 3rd largest purchaser of U.S. soybeans, and the 4th largest consumer of U.S. beef; all commodities produced in Nebraska.”

“Any disruption of export markets would result in continued downward pressure on farm incomes and farm financial health. Those negative impacts won’t just affect farmers and ranchers but the state as a whole as has been clearly demonstrated by the shortfalls in state revenues resulting from the existing and ongoing downturn in the agriculture economy.”

“Today, the value of agriculture exports account for roughly one-third of farm income, making trade critical to agriculture. Any actions jeopardizing Nebraska’s ability to access international markets is of great concern to our members.”

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