LINCOLN, NEB. – “While we understand the give and take of the legislative process, we are very disappointed in the tax reform proposal being considered by the Legislature’s Revenue Committee. Throughout the legislative hearing process, the Agriculture Leaders Working Group testified before the Revenue Committee on numerous bills that would provide a pathway to provide meaningful property tax relief for Nebraska farmers and ranchers, and all Nebraska property taxpayers.”

“Unfortunately, during National Ag Week, a tax reform proposal is being considered that would do the exact opposite of what farmers, ranchers, and other Nebraskans are seeking in tax reform. This proposal would intentionally divert dollars currently used to provide property tax relief and repurpose them to fund income tax cuts.”

“The message from Nebraskans has been clear. Property tax relief is the priority and it must be meaningful. Taking money away from property tax relief for income tax cuts will not do that. Should the Legislature go this direction it will be viewed by Nebraska taxpayers as a deliberate decision to increase the property tax burden on Nebraskans.”

“That said, we will continue to work with the members of the Revenue Committee, and others in the Legislature to find alternatives which meet the goals of meaningful property tax reform for all Nebraskans.”

The Agriculture Leaders Working Group includes member-elected leaders from the Nebraska Cattlemen, Nebraska Corn Growers Association, Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Pork Producers Association, Nebraska Soybean Association, and the Nebraska State Dairy Association.

Those participating in the Agriculture Leaders Working Group include:

  • Troy Stowater – Nebraska Cattlemen, president
  • Galen Frenzen – Nebraska Cattlemen, president-elect
  • Dan Wesely – Nebraska Corn Growers Association, president
  • Steve Ebke – Nebraska Corn Growers Association, past president
  • Steve Nelson – Nebraska Farm Bureau, president
  • Mark McHargue – Nebraska Farm Bureau, first vice president
  • Russ Vering – Nebraska Pork Producers Association, president
  • Darin Uhlir – Nebraska Pork Producers Association, vice president
  • Kevin Peterson – Nebraska Pork Producers Association, vice president
  • Tim Chancellor – Nebraska Pork Producers Association, vice president
  • Dennis Fujan – Nebraska Soybean Association, president
  • Dwaine Junck – Nebraska State Dairy Association, vice president
  • Doug Temme – Nebraska State Dairy Association, past president