LINCOLN, NEB. – “Today the Nebraska Legislature started debate on LB 461, legislation that, as advanced by the Legislature’s Revenue Committee fails to provide meaningful and substantial property tax reform and relief for Nebraskans.”

“The balance of tax relief under consideration in LB 461 is completely misguided considering what is being asked for by Nebraska property tax payers. This measure would provide only one dollar of property tax relief for every $10 in income tax cuts. Furthermore, the bill fails to deliver property tax relief for all property taxpayers in Nebraska.”

“Our tax system is already woefully out of balance with property taxes accounting for 48 percent of the combined collections of property, state sales, and state income taxes. Advancing LB 461 where income tax cuts receive the lion’s share of relief will only push our tax system further out of balance.”

“Any action by the Legislature related to tax reform, must provide meaningful and substantive property tax relief. Reversing the script where $10 in property tax relief is provided for every 1 dollar in income tax cuts is the tax reform the Legislature should be discussing.”

“Our organizations will continue to work with the Legislature to achieve the balance that meets the needs of all Nebraska property taxpayers.”

The Agriculture Leaders Working Group includes member-elected leaders from the Nebraska Cattlemen, Nebraska Corn Growers Association, Nebraska Farm Bureau, Nebraska Pork Producers Association, Nebraska Soybean Association, and the Nebraska State Dairy Association.

Those participating in the Agriculture Leaders Working Group include: