LINCOLN, NEB. – As the Nebraska Legislature heads toward the final days of the 2017 Legislative session, there’s still time for senators to take meaningful action to address property taxes, said Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson, May 3.

“While time is running short, we’re still optimistic our elected leaders can rally together and address property taxes this session. We supported several bills that could serve as the vehicles for delivering meaningful property tax reform and relief. We’ll continue to work with the Legislature to get something done on property taxes this session until the final curtain drops,” said Nelson.

Nelson’s remarks come on the heels of the Legislature failing to advance a tax reform bill weighted heavily towards income tax reductions in comparison to property taxes. LB 461 would have given only one dollar in property tax cuts for every $10 in income tax reductions.

“We didn’t support the version of LB 461 advanced by the Revenue Committee for many reasons. A driving factor being it offered very little in the way of property tax relief. However, we were optimistic the bill could be improved so property taxpayers would have received the lion’s share of the tax relief benefits. Unfortunately, a compromise never materialized as we had hoped,” said Nelson.

Despite recent events, Nelson believes the door is still wide open for the Legislature to act.

“There’s still a window of opportunity for the Legislature to refocus on fixing property taxes this session. There are good people in the Legislature who know their constituents want this issue addressed. We’re focused on working with members of the body to ensure a strong finish to the session that results in a win for all Nebraska property taxpayers,” said Nelson.

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