LINCOLN, NEB. – "The Commerce Department's announcement of an agreement to ship U.S. beef to China no later than July 16 is welcomed news for Nebraska's beef industry. As a top producer of beef, Nebraska has much to gain from a market estimated to be worth $2.6 billion. With Nebraska beef exports alone reaching $1.126 billion last year, Nebraska's cattlemen and women stand ready to meet the growing demand in this new market.”

“We thank the Trump administration and all of those who helped move us closer to reopening beef trade with this important customer. With May being national beef month, there is no better way to celebrate than to confirm Nebraska beef producers will have access to a critical market that has been closed for more than a decade. It is our hope that the Chinese market remain fully open to the benefit of all Nebraska cattle producers.”

Nebraska Farm Bureau previously asked President Trump to make the resumption of U.S. beef trade with China a key part of negotiations in meetings with Chinese President, Xi Jinping.

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