News Releases

LINCOLN, NEB – An array of interests representing taxpayers across the Southeast Community College’s (SCC) 15 county service area have come together to oppose SCC’s $369 million bond issue targeted for renovations, construction, and acquisition of facilities across the SCC system. State lawmakers, businesses, and farm groups joined forces announcing the “Vote No 369” coalition, Thursday, Oct. 6, 2016.

LINCOLN, NEB – Nebraska Farm Bureau submitted comments to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) strongly opposing the agency’s efforts to eliminate the availability of atrazine; the removal of which is estimated to cost $13,269 per Nebraska corn farm. President of the Nebraska Farm Bureau Steve Nelson, also urged the agency not to ignore the thousands of good scientific studies that show atrazine does not cause “an unreasonable adverse effect on human health or the environment.”

LINCOLN, NEB – Nebraska Farm Bureau congratulates Ryan and Austin Stauffer of Seward County and Martin Bremmer of Perkins County for being selected as finalists for the 2016 American Farm Bureau Rural Entrepreneurship Challenge.

LINCOLN, NEB. – The Nebraska Farm Bureau announced today its opposition to the Southeast Community College (SCC) $369 million bond proposal that seeks to secure funds for projects across the Southeast Community College system, including construction of a new campus in downtown Lincoln. If passed, the measure would equate to a massive property tax increase on farmers, businesses, and homeowners across the 15 county SCC District, said Nebraska Farm Bureau President Steve Nelson.

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Today’s action by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit forcing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to go through a formal rulemaking process before applying stricter standards to retailers of anhydrous ammonia fertilizer is a mark on the win column for Nebraska farmers and fertilizer suppliers.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – “The announcement of China’s intention to eliminate the long-standing ban on the import of some U.S. beef products is welcomed news to Nebraska farmers and ranchers. As the second largest purchaser of beef in the world, China reflects a tremendous opportunity for further market development for Nebraska beef products. Growth in China’s consumption of U.S. beef could mean better prices for Nebraska producers which ultimately helps boost economic opportunity for all Nebraskans here in the ‘Beef State’. While there is still much to be worked through, this is a step in the right direction in terms of our trade relations with China.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Everyone in Nebraska Farm Bureau is saddened to hear the news of Bill’s passing. Bill Barrett was a statesman who always worked for the betterment of Nebraska and its citizens, whether during his time serving in the Nebraska Unicameral or in representing the interests of the residents of the 3rd Congressional District.”

LINCOLN, NEB. – Nebraska Farm Bureau Leadership Academy 2016 class members used examples from their own lives and businesses to explain how vital theTrans Pacific Partnership (TPP) is during a national affairs visit to Washington D.C.

LINCOLN, NEB. – A number of candidates seeking election to the Nebraska Legislature have received the official “Friend of Agriculture” designation from NFBF-PAC, Nebraska Farm Bureau’s political action committee. The designations have been made for candidates seeking voter approval in the Nov. 8, General Election.

LINCOLN, NEB. – “Biotechnology is a critical part of food production which has made it possible for farmers to reduce their environmental impact while continuing to produce safe and healthful crops for consumers domestically and around the world. President Obama’s signing of the GMO Labeling bill into law will help eliminate a state-by-state patchwork of unnecessary GMO labeling laws that would only drive up costs for consumers.”