Property Taxes Levied in each County Across Nebraska Between 2010-2020

The three maps on this web page show the percentage changes in property taxes levied in each county across Nebraska between 2010-2020. The maps illustrate the changes in total property taxes levied, taxes levied on agricultural land, and taxes levied on residential properties. Percentage changes in real property taxes levied are only shown. Changes in taxes levied on personal property such as machinery or equipment are not included. Note the scales on each map are different, however, darker colors on each map are indicative of greater increases in taxes levied.

Below each map is a listing of Nebraska counties in descending order ranked by the percentage growth in taxes levied. For example, taxes levied on residential property in Garfield County increased the most over the 10-year period, rising almost 75 percent. Similarly, taxes levied on agricultural property grew the most in Douglas County over the period, almost 151 percent.

The average growth in total property taxes levied across all counties was roughly 52 percent. The average growth for taxes levied on agricultural property was 80 percent and 27 percent on residential property. The fact that taxes on agricultural land grew at a much higher rate than that experienced by other property sectors is indicative of a shift in taxes onto agricultural land from other property sectors.

Data to create the maps came from the Nebraska Department of Revenue. Taxes levied encompasses all taxes levied by local governments, including those to repay bonds. However, taxes levied do not account for reductions in taxes due to the property tax credit program or the income tax credit provided for property taxes paid to schools that began in 2020. Actual taxes paid would be less due to these programs.

To see the percentage change, simply click on your county.

Legend: < 50% | 50-75% | 75-100% | > 100%

Average Change: 80.23%

Legend: < 10% | 10-30% | 30-50% | > 50%

Average Change: 26.70%

Legend: < 25% | 25-50% | 50-75% | > 75%

Average Change: 52.09%